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Creating Tests in Blackboard

Creating Blackboard Tests for use in a course site can be a great help to instructors. A number of different question types can be used in a Blackboard Test. These question types include:

- Calculated Formula
- Calculated Numeric 
- Either/Or 
- Essay 
- File Response 
- Fill in the Blank 
- Fill in Multiple Blanks 
- Hot Spot 
- Jumbled Sentence 
- Likert Scale / Opinion 
- Matching 
- Multiple Answer 
- Multiple Choice 
- Ordering 
- Quiz Bowl 
- Short Answer 
- True / False

These questions can be mixed and matched. Additionally, questions can be created in Question Pools. These Question Pools will randomly select questions and display them in a random order. This is done to impede cheating attempts.

Self-Grading Tests can be created with automatically graded questions. These question types are Matching, True/False and Multiple Choice. With the proper setup, no grading actions are necessary on the part of the instructor.

It’s easy for instructors to create a Blackboard Test once they have determined the organization of their course materials. Instructors simply need to access their pre-determined location where Blackboard Tests will be placed (ex: Content area, Week 1 folder, Tests subfolder) and choose Assessments -> Test.

For a detailed discussion and explanation of all the features of Test creation, please Click Here.



If one or more automatically graded test question responses needs to be changed after the grades have already been calculated, there is no problem. Blackboard Tests will recalculate the grades based on the corrected answer sheet automatically. Click Here to find out more.



For further assistance, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 215-951-4648 or by Email at HelpDesk@PhilaU.edu


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