Master's Portfolio

The capstone project, the Master's Portfolio, chronicles the evolution of each student’s professional growth along the journey to becoming occupational therapists. It is comprised of written, visual and oral components which measure and document students’ knowledge and experiences. Students develop a scholarly paper that highlights their practice philosophy, create a visual metaphor that encompasses their philosophy tenets, and deliver all at a public presentation.

The portfolio is a concrete representation of each student's unique journey, and the presentation is the forum where students present the outcome of their two years of study, highlighting their critical thinking and professional beliefs.

The Master's Portfolio consists of a the student's practice platform, personal narrative documenting professional growth, professional development plan, and resume.  As the culminating component of the didactic portion of the program,  students present  their practice platforms at a community-wide exhibit where practicing occupational therapists, health professionals, and invited members of the University community assemble to review.


Bloom where you are

Bloom Where You Are,
Etosha Whitaker '10 (June 2009)

Etosha works at Children’s Specialized Hospital in NJ on the brain injury unit where children from infancy through 18 years of age receive rehabilitation. In addition to providing therapy around daily living activities, she is involved with cognitive retraining, splinting and serial casting, caregiver education and durable medical equipment ordering.

Shedding light on life

Occupational Therapy - Shedding Light on Life,
Amy Schwab '10 (June 2009)

Amy initially became interested in occupational therapy while working as the Coordinator of Disability Services at Philadelphia University. After being an advocate for college students for several years she made the commitment to go back to school and earn her M.S. in Occupational Therapy.  After graduation in 2010 Amy began working at the Academy in Manayunk, a school for children with learning disabilities. According to Amy, " [OT] education and fieldwork experiences gave me a rich background which prepared me for my current position as a school-based occupational therapist. The weekend program allowed me to continue working part time throughout my education and was perfect for me!”

Promoting transformations

Promoting Transformation,
Karen Woolpert '12  (June 2010)

Karen's practice platform was organized around the concept of transformation, and she used the popular transformer figures to convey her metaphor.  Karen chose the PhilaU OT program because of its unique weekend format that allowed her to maintain her full time social worker position and raise two daughters as a single parent.  According to Karen, “Attending Philadelphia University to earn a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… The faculty has proven to be professional, knowledgeable and available to answer questions between weekend classes. I am confident that I will graduate from PhilaU fully competent to assist those in need of Occupational Therapy services with skill and compassion.”

Get the ball rolling

Occupational Therapists Get the Ball Rolling…

Stephen Jaczko '12  (June 2010)

"Choosing Occupational Therapy was the best decision I have ever made, a health care field which respects my creativity and desire to make a positive change. PhilaU equipped me with the tools needed to develop my current abilities and create new skills.”