Current Undergraduate Student Resources

Information regarding the following resources for current undergraduate students can be found on this page:

Freshmen Information Packet

Thomas Jefferson University Catalog

Curriculum Check sheets

Core GPA Calculator

Registrar and Advising Forms

Health Sciences Course Forms

EMT-B and CNA Resources


Freshmen Information Packet:

These resources are intended for current B.S. in Health Sciences, M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies students.

Please note that each class has specific resources that do not apply to other classes.

A copy of the Freshmen Information Packet is given to each entering student at New Student Orientation.  If requested, an electronic copy can be obtained from the PA Pre-professional Coordinator. 

The Thomas Jefferson University Catalog contains information on University policies & procedures, as well as program information and course descriptions that are applicable to current Physician Assistant Students.

Curriculum check sheets for Physician Assistant Students:

These can be found in the University Catalog that correlates with the student’s entering year.  The most recent University Catalog and check sheet can be found here

Core GPA Calculator for Physician Assistant Students: 

To remain in good academic standing in the combined B.S. Health Sciences/M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies and to progress to the Professional Phase, students must maintain both a cumulative GPA of 3.25 (*for those entering Fall 2013 or after) and a core GPA of 3.25 (*for those entering Fall 2013 or after). This is delineated in the Freshman Information Packet that is reviewed with students and signed upon entry of this program.  These GPAs are evaluated, along with other progression criteria, by the Physician Assistant Program each June.  The cumulative GPA is calculated by the University and appears on a student’s transcript.  It includes only courses taken at Thomas Jefferson University.  The PA Program uses the University calculated cumulative GPA to make progression decisions.  The core GPA is calculated by the Physician Assistant Program and includes courses taken here at Thomas Jefferson University as well as grades from courses that were taken at other institutions that have been pre-approved. 

This core GPA calculator can be used by current students in order to help to track progress in the Program related to progression criteria.  It can be used to see current progress as well as help to determine what grades would need to be obtained in order to meet the 3.25 core GPA criteria. 

To use this tool simply enter the course grade(s) in the designated sections (ex. B+) .  The core GPA will calculate and appear at the bottom of the calculator.  Please note that this is a tool and is any information obtained by use of this calculator is not official until completed and verified by the Physician Assistant Program.  Any student having questions about this calculator should speak to his/her Academic Advisor. 

*Students entering prior to 2013 should refer to the Freshman Information Packet for the required cumulative and core GPAs.

Registrar and Advising Forms:

Many forms can be found on the either the Registrar’s or Learning and Advising’s home page.  This includes forms such as change of major, change of address, declaring a minor, graduation pre-certification forms, etc.

Health Sciences Courses:

These forms are for all students enrolled in HSCI-230 and 320 courses.  There are required patient care hours for students enrolled in these courses.  This experience should be approved by the instructor and any student unsure of the applicability of their experience should seek pre-approval from the instructor prior to completing the hours.  There are 50 required hours for Introduction to Healthcare HSCI-230 and an additional 150 hours required for Clinical Interactions HSCI-320.  Please contact the PA Pre-professional Coordinator at for any questions that cannot be answered by the resources below.

Guidelines for Clinical Hours (PDF)

Site Approval Form (PDF)

Clinical Experience Log Sheet and Evaluation (PDF)

EMT-B/CNA Resources:

All students in the Pre-Professional Phase of the PA Studies Program are required to complete a state approved program and obtain state certification as either an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic or Certified Nurse’s Assistant/Aide by May of their 3rd year. 

Students seeking a course in EMT-B or CNA in the local Philadelphia area may find the following links useful.  Please note that the listing of a location on our site does not imply that we recommend or endorse a particular program(s).  Courses are overseen by the state of Pennsylvania, not Thomas Jefferson University.

For students seeking courses outside of the Philadelphia area, we suggest you contact your local ambulance squad/fire department or local large long term care facility/nursing home or your local community college to find a course in your area.  Your advisor may be able to assist you as well.







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