Prerequisite Information

Prerequisite courses may be taken at a regionally or nationally accredited university, college or community college (including approved online courses) anywhere in the United States.  The following is a list of prerequisites and approved course equivalents:  (Click to download Prerequisite Review Form) NOTE:  All prerequisite courses MUST be completed at a US Institution and must be within the last 10 years.

Course Prerequisite (credits)

Approved Course Equivalents

1. General Biology  1 with  lab (4 credits) or equivalent such as:

Cell & Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology, Human Biology, Zoology, Developmental Biology

2. General Biology 2 with lab (4 credits) or equivalent such as:

Genetics, Immunology, Embryology, Histology, Pathophysiology

3. General Chemistry 1 with lab (4 credits)


4. General Chemistry 2 with lab (4 credits) or equivalent such as:

Organic Chemistry,  Biochemistry

5. Anatomy and Physiology 1 with lab (4 credits) or equivalent such as:

Human Anatomy, Functional Anatomy , Anatomy , Mammalian Anatomy
Vertebrate Anatomy, and Comparative Anatomy only count if the applicant submits a catalog course description or syllabi reflecting that the course has a focus on the human

6. Anatomy and Physiology 2 with lab (4 credits) or equivalent such as:

Human Physiology , or Physiology

7. Microbiology (4 credits)  or equivalent such as:

Combination of Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, and Parasitology

8. Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology (3 credits) or

Combination of Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology/Child Development
Psychology CLEP Test

9. Any college math (e.g. college mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, finite mathematics, pre-calculus, calculus) or statistics course (3 credits)


10. English Composition (3 credits) or equivalent such as:

English 1 Writing or College Writing or Writing Seminar Rhetoric

11. Medical Terminology - (1 credit)  [can be taken as an independent-study at Philadelphia University and may be taken after being accepted into the Program]