Program Highlights

Why Choose PhilaU?

Our success:

  • Michael Rackover was awarded the PAragon Award for Outstanding Physician Assistant by the AAPA in 2011.
  • Our PANCE pass rate averaged 95% for the last 5 years.
  • Our job placement has been 100% for the past several years.

Our location:

  • The University is located in the East Falls section of Philadelphia.  This location is an intersection for the natural beauty of Fairmont Park and the bustling metropolitan life offered by Center City. 
  • The Philadelphia metropolitan area offers a wide variety of medical opportunities and experiences, from free clinics to major university hospitals.

Our relationships:

  • We have long-standing relationships with many local physician offices and clinics, major teaching hospitals and community hospitals in the Philadelphia region.
  • Students have the opportunity to rotate in a rural Mississippi hospital to gain a different type of clinical experience. 
  • Students have participated in medical mission trips to Central America through the Philadelphia University Global Medical Brigade.
  • Our students are often involved with philanthropic pursuits with local and national charities.

Our approach:

  • The Philadelphia University PA Studies Program strives to create excellent clinicians as well as excellent human beings. 
  • Strong scientific foundation courses support the clinically oriented coursework.
  • Students have clinical experiences integrated into the didactic year by performing histories and physicals at local hospitals and completing emergency room shifts in local emergency departments.
  • In addition to the prescribed rotations of Primary Care, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, we offer an Elective rotation for students to explore another area of medicine that they might be interested in pursuing.

Our faculty:

  • Our faculty to student ratio is 8:1 which allows for individualized attention for each student.
  • All faculty are still clinically practicing in areas such as family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, occupational health, and orthopedics.
  • Faculty strive to maintain an open door policy for students to seek out additional information, to offer help with difficult concepts, or help to support students through the stresses of PA education.

Our facilities:

  • Students have access to a full-dissection cadaver lab for Advanced Anatomy.
  • The Program has 3 medical simulators that students can use as learning models.