Dear Friends,

Your interest in Philadelphia University means you aspire to be a professional who will make an impact on your chosen field. I am excited to introduce you to PhilaU, and the unique educational opportunities it provides.

The core of our educational programs is an active, transdisciplinary style of learning. We create professionals who are innovative, who are taught to find the possibilities in problems, and who ultimately add value to the marketplace.

Whatever your field of study architecture, design, business, science, health, engineering, textiles or liberal arts you will find challenging faculty and staff, engaged students and alumni, and numerous opportunities for industry engagement. I am also convinced that you will find more than you expect, including an energy and intellectual curiosity that are contagious and a vibrant student community.

I hope you take this opportunity to explore the details of this unique University and the educational philosophy that drives us. Welcome.

Best wishes,

Stephen Spinelli Jr., Ph.D.

To contact the president, email President@PhilaU.edu.