Staff Responsibilities

If you have a question about… Provost’s Office Contact
Academic Growth Plan Beth Shepard-Rabadam, Susan Frosten or Randy Swearer
Assessment Patricia Thatcher
Adjunct Contracts Mary Clare Venuto or Beth Shepard-Rabadam
Budget Beth Shepard-Rabadam, Mary Clare Venuto or Lilly Krupsha
Catalog Changes Susan Frosten
Event Coordination (Commencement, Convocation, Faculty Reception, New Faculty and Staff Orientation, PA Certificate Ceremony, University Award Ceremony) Lilly Krupsha, or Mary Clare Venuto
Faculty Activity Reports Susan Frosten
Faculty Committee Coordination Mary Clare Venuto or Carla Mandell
Faculty Manual (maintenance and updates) Beth Shepard-Rabadam or Mary Clare Venuto
Faculty Meetings (accomplishments, agenda, coordination, minutes, motions) Carla Mandell
Grants (Nexus Learning, Summer Research) Beth Shepard-RabadamMary Clare Venuto, Lilly Krupsha, or Susan Frosten
Institutional Review Board (IRB) Proposals Mary Clare Venuto
Job postings Mary Clare Venuto
New Program Proposals Susan Frosten
Personnel Issues Randy SwearerBeth Shepard-Rabadam, or Mary Clare Venuto
Provost’s Calendar Carla Mandell
Provost's Office Website Carla Mandell
Purchase Requisitions, PAN Forms, Travel Authorizations Lilly Krupsha
Sabbaticals Mary Clare Venuto
Theses Lilly Krupsha
Vice Provost’s Calendar, Associate Provost’s Calendar, Director of Innovation’s Calendar Lilly Krupsha