Graduate Assistantships

The University has a growing Graduate Assistantship program.  Assistantships are recruitment tools for the University’s graduate programs.  Awards are made to applicants on the basis of exceptional scholastic achievement; outstanding professional promise; and competence for service in the departments of the University. The financial need of applicants may be an additional consideration. Graduate Assistantship positions are highly coveted by prospective students and provide value to our academic programs by encouraging high‐quality students to join our community. Graduate Assistants may be assigned to research projects, academic initiatives, and strategic administrative projects. 

Faculty interested in having a Graduate Assistant for the Spring 2015 semester should complete and submit an application to the Provost’s Office. 

Graduate Assistantship Program Description 

Graduate Assistantship Request Form for Spring 2015

Due: Monday, November 10, 2014

Assignments will be made in December for the spring semester.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives of each of the Colleges and the Provost’s Office. The scoring rubric is described in the Application.  

If you have questions, please contact Beth Shepard-Rabadam