Past Event Recap

Thursday, Sept 27, 12:30-1:00 : Student Voices: Speak UP 2 (Clubs and Orgs Presidents Council Meeting)

Speak Up 2 took the massive amount of feedback we received from Speak Up 1 around our three main topic areas Expectations, Future Outlook, and Values.  An Focused that information into 9 very concentrated questions to help gain more insight into some of the hottest topics that came out of the first discussion.  Questions center around topics such as study abroad, how well prepared they felt,  and what values the school helps them to develop, along with a host of other topic areas.  Speak Up 2 was conducted at the monthly Clubs and Orgs Presidents Council Meeting, the below information are the responses we received from the students. 

Read the Student Voices: Speak Up 2 Report out.

Tuesday, August 28 - Student Voices: SPEAK UP 1

Student Voices: SPEAK UP, a collaboration with the Student Government Association, provided data about PhilaU students and brought faculty and students together in SPEAK UP circles to discuss students' expectations for college, their goals, values, fears and hopes for the future.

Read the Student Voices: SPEAK UP Report Out.