About the Program

A broad range of psychology courses coupled with research, internships, and study-abroad experiences will thoroughly prepare you for graduate programs at top schools.

You have the power to tailor your curriculum to match your unique ambitions. You will choose half of the 16 psychology classes you need to take for your major – a more thorough curriculum than many other programs.  Required courses include very popular topics like Abnormal Psychology and Developmental Psychology. You will also have the opportunity to declare a minor of your choice, to further tailor your education for your particular interests.



  • Extensive exposure – 16 total courses
  • Flexibility in your studies
  • Ability to declare a minor
  • Professional research training
  • Personal faculty guidance and mentorship
  • Endless study abroad opportunities
  • 5-year combined B.S. and M.S. degree programs
  • Real-world internship experiences
  • Top graduate school placement

You will also learn how to conduct professional-level research, completing an independent senior research project – a great opportunity to join our growing number of published undergraduates. 

With the close attention of our faculty members, you can identify and plan for your career goals.  Find your passions with internships at places like the District Attorney’s Office of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia School District; or while studying abroad anywhere in the world - like Italy, Australia, and the prestigious Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Denmark, just to name a few.

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) also offers two combined degree programs: the B.S. in Psychology/M.S. in Occupational Therapy and the B.S. in Psychology/M.S. in Community and Trauma Counseling. Please visit the Combined Degree Programs page for information about these programs.


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