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Graduation Eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start thinking about graduation?
As pre-registration approaches for your final year, review your Degree Audit. Generally speaking, you will need to figure out if your remaining courses can reasonably be completed in the upcoming year. Your advisor will assist you with making this determination. Course availability, repeating of courses, and minimum grade or credit requirements must be taken into consideration.

What are the student's responsibilities for graduation?

All graduating students are responsible for:

  • Completing the graduation application and verifying the application information (including graduation term and diploma address) on the confirmation email sent to the student's University email address.
  • Contacting their advisor and/or their program's Certifying Officer to complete the Pre-certification for Graduation Form.
  • Determining the requried courses remaining to complete their degree and confirming that those requirements are reflected correctly on the Degree Audit (program evaluation) in Web Advisor.

What do I look for in Degree Audit?
Check your program status. "Pending (Anticipated Complete)" means as an enrolled, current student you have all of your completed classes PLUS all your current classes PLUS any pre-registered/registered future term classes in place. In the credits portion of the report (just below "Program Status") you should see "0.00" under the "Remaining" column.

What if I don't have a "Pending (Anticipated Complete)" status?
A program status of "In Progress" means something is missing. Look for anything in your Degree Audit report that has a notation of "Not Met," "1 course needed," and/or any number other than "0.00" under credits "Remaining." Sometimes completed/pending courses have not been applied where needed as fulfilling a requirement. This is especially true if you are transfer student. Transfer courses don't always exactly "match" required courses. (Check with your advisor or certifying officer. They can help you with a course substitution or waiver if necessary.) Of course it may be that you do have additional courses or credits to take.

How do I apply for graduation?
All eligible graduating students are required to file an Application for Graduation. This is an option in WebAdvisor under Academic Profile.

How do I know if I can walk at Commencement?

If you are an August graduate, you must only need to complete 6 credits or less (2 courses) beyond the spring semester. August grads who want to walk in the ceremony must do two (2) things:    1) Complete and submit the Pre-Certification form for August graduation (following the deadlines for May graduates), and 2) Confirm that you want to walk in the ceremony on the WebAdvisor graduation application.

August graduates do not need to complete a “Permission to Walk” form to participate in the commencement ceremony. This form is no longer being used; students must simply meet the requirements above.

For December graduates, you are eligible to walk in the commencement following the Fall semester in which you complete your requirements.

Does walking across the stage mean that I graduated?
No walking only means that you participated in the University Commencement Ceremony. If we have not received your finals grades for all courses, including internships and study abroad, or any outstanding transcripts from other colleges, then all requirements have not been met. Degrees are awarded only after all required courses are completed with minimum required credits and grades earned and posted for all courses. Degrees are only conferred in January, May, August or December.

What if I am completing my DMM certificate?
If you have completed DMM 611, 647 and an approved DMM elective for the DMM certificate click here, fill out the application and return it to the DMM office for the approval of the program director.

If you've completed DMM 625, 624 and an approved DMM elective for the Business Continuity Certificate, please click here. Fill out the application and return it to the DMM office for the approval of the program director.

When will I receive my diploma?
You will receive your diploma approximately 8 to 10 weeks after graduation. Please note that any student on a financial hold will not receive his or her diploma until the financial hold is resolved. The student must notify the Registrar's Office once the financial hold is resolved and the diploma can be mailed.