Thanksgiving Break Closing & Housing Information

Residence Halls will close for Thanksgiving Break on Wednesday, November 23rd at 10:00 AM.  The Halls will re-open on Sunday, November 27th 12:00 PM (noon).  During the break period, residents interested in staying on campus must fill out a Break Housing Application available online at


Residents may apply to stay in Scholler Hall, Falls Center, Independence Plaza, Townhouses and Ronson Hall.  All residents must apply; residents residing in other buildings on campus must receive permission from residents living in an eligible building to stay for the break period.  All roommates must provide permission and one roommate must provide keys to the room. First year students can apply to stay in a Ronson Hall lounge.


Residents applying for break housing must indicate the reason housing is required for the Thanksgiving Break period.  Reasons should generally be a result of a special circumstance, University commitment such as organized athletics, or the result of living more than three hours away from your permanent address on file with Residence Life.


All applications are due Sunday November 6th by 5:00 PM. Late applications will not be accepted. Last minute requests will be subject to a penalty. Residents who are approved to stay on campus will be notified in writing to their University email address no later than Friday, November 18th.  Please note the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to deny any application on the grounds of insufficient information, failure to meet outlined criteria or judicial record.  All students approved to remain on campus during the Thanksgiving Break period for a non-university related reason will be assessed a $145 housing fee to their student account. 


Winter Break Closing Information

Residence Halls will close for Winter Break on Friday, December 16th at 10:00 AM.  The Halls will re-open on Sunday, January 8th at 12:00 PM (noon).  Break housing is not available for the winter break period.  All residence halls will be closed and students are expected to make alternative living arrangements during the break period.


Break Checklist Information

During hall meetings in November and the beginning of December, your RA will distribute Thanksgiving and Winter Break Closing Checklists for you to post on your door.  The checklists indicate important steps to prepare your apartment/room prior to departure.  It is critical that you complete all steps on the checklists.  An RA and/or Residence Coordinator will perform health and safety inspections of all apartments/rooms prior to buildings closing for the break periods. 


Students Leaving University after Fall Semester

Residents leaving the University after fall semester must fill out a Housing Cancellation form in the Office of Residence Life.  Residents graduating mid-year, leaving for co-op or studying abroad are released from their contracts without penalty.  All other requests are subject to approval and/or cancellation fees.  You are asked to fill out and return your Housing Cancellation form by Monday, November 21st.  Residents approved for cancellation must check out officially with their RA to return their keys.  Failure to schedule a checkout will result in a minimum $25 improper checkout fee and may result in additional charges. 


Property Storage

Students returning for the Spring semester can leave items in their room, but no additional storage is provided on campus for residents.  If you are concerned about any of your personal belongings being lost or stolen during the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks, please be prepared to take those items home.  Residence Life is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during break recesses.


Should you have any questions regarding the information discussed in this memo, please speak with a Residence Life staff member.  Good luck with the remainder of your semester!