Winter Break Closing Information

Residence Halls will close for Winter Break on Friday, December 16th at 10:00 AM.  The Halls will re-open on Sunday, January 8th at 12:00 PM (noon).  Break housing is not available for the winter break period.  All residence halls will be closed and students are expected to make alternative living arrangements during the break period. Please pay attention to the break checklist information that will be posted on your door.


Students Leaving the University after Fall Semester

Residents leaving the University after fall semester and not returning in the spring must fill out a Housing Cancellation form in the Office of Residence Life.  Residents graduating mid-year, leaving for co-op or studying abroad are released from their contracts without penalty.  All other requests are subject to approval and/or cancellation fees.  You are asked to fill out and return your Housing Cancellation form as soon as possible. Residents approved for cancellation must check out officially with their RA to return their keys


Property Storage

No additional storage is provided on campus for residents.  If you are concerned about any of your personal belongings being lost or stolen during the Winter Break, please be prepared to take those items home.  Residence Life is not responsible for any lost or stolen items during break recesses.


Bike Storage

Bike racks have been set up inside the parking garage on main campus. You can store your bike for the winter break period and throughout the winter. The bike racks are located on the upper level, in the dead spot area to the left of the entrance aisle.


Save Energy and Go Green

Please make sure all windows are shut tightly and turn the temperature in your space down. If you live in IP or the Townhouses please set your thermostat to low or off. In Ronson Hall please turn off the unit.


Entrance into your room

Please be advised that we will be entering into each room over the break period to complete maintenance requests and preventive maintenance. Ronson Hall – please remove any belongings from in front of the heating/cooling unit the vents will be replaced. We will also be checking all the smoke detectors throughout the buildings.


Should you have any questions regarding the information discussed in this memo, please speak with a Residence Life staff member.  Good luck with the remainder of your semester!