Meal Plan Request

Meal Plan Policies:

Meal plans are contracted for the full academic year.  Students may make changes to their meal plan assignments during the first two weeks of the semester with no penalty. This request must be received in the Office of Residence Life either via the student’s Philadelphia University e-mail account, via a signed meal plan request form turned in to the office or through the online Meal Change Application on the Residence Life website. Please note that students making changes to premium meal plans will be billed for any Bookstore Bonus Dollars that have been utilized. No meal plan changes can be made after the first two weeks of the semester. After the two week cut off, students will be billed in full for the semester’s meal plan charges.

All first-year students are required to participate in a 19 Meal Plan and may not cancel their meal plan. All non-first-year students living in traditional hall style spaces (Scholler and Mott Halls) are required to have at least a 14 meal. Please note students living in an apartment setting may contact to select a lower meal plan if placed in an apartment.

*You do not need to complete this form if you signed up for a meal plan during 2016-2017 Housing Selection.