Meet Our Staff

Christina Moran 

Christina Moran-O'Brien
Director of Housing & Judicial Affairs





Dillon Eppenstein
Director of Residence Education




Minisica Hart
Minisica Hart
Area Coordinator for Housing & Judicial Affairs, Main Campus


 Kate Meier

Katelyn Meier
Area Coordinator for Residence Education, Ravenhill Campus
Benita Daniels

Benita Daniels
Office Coordinator

Residence Coordinators (RC)

The Residence Coordinator (RC) position is a 10-month live-in position that supervises undergraduate resident assistants and manages the operations in one or more facilities. Responsibilities include student contact, supervising staff & hall programs, student discipline, and duty coverage.

Residence Coordinators

(Raigan Wheeler [bottom right], Keigan Forde [top right], Simone Snead [bottom left], Joshua Tull [top left])

Raigan Wheeler
Residence Coordinator - Scholler Hall and the Townhouses

Keigan Forde 
Residence Coordinator - Independence Plaza Apartment Complex

Simone Snead
Residence Coordinator - Partridge & Fortess Halls

Joshua Tull
Residence Coordinator - Ronson Hall

The Office of Residence Life staff also includes 9 Residence Managers (RMs) and 41 Resident Assistants (RAs) whom are upper class students that serve the needs of our residents and guide their residential experience. The Residence Life student staff are crucial to the success of Residence Life's departmental goals. RAs are the University’s representatives to resident students and consequently, have broad responsibilities extending to all areas of the students’ physical, social, academic, and emotional well-being.

Office Of Residence Life

ph: 215.951.2741
fax: 215.951.2644