Living Off Campus

Philadelphia University is invested in being a positive resource in the local community. We are particularly committed to being a good neighbor. We believe that establishing effective communication channels and providing information to both students and permanent residents of our neighborhoods will go a long way toward achieving mutual respect and a high quality of life for everyone. We place great importance on educating our students about their personal responsibility and on advising our neighbors of the University's policies regarding student accountability.

In order to create and sustain harmonious living among long-term East Falls residents and off-campus Philadelphia University students, it is important for all residents to maintain civil communication and understanding.

PhilaU has limited jurisdiction for responding to off-campus disturbances by its students, but may hold students accountable under its Community Standards policies in the Student Handbook. Off-Campus students should review and understand guidelines, laws, and polices relating to living off-campus such as the ones provided HERE. These are only suggestions and may not include all available materials regarding housing, tenants, and/or landlords.

Important Contact Information

Please note: Please note that the Office of Commuter Services and PhilaU are only serving as a link between PhilaU Off-Campus and Commuting Students. We are not responsible for off-campus living units nor are we in direct contact with landlords or management offices. Filling out forms provided by the Office of Commuter Services gives us the ability to share information with other PhilaU students in order to best assist you with your off-campus housing selection process. We will not distribute this information to third parties.

Commuter Services

Visit the Commuter Services site here.

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