Looking for Off Campus Housing?

Starting from scratch?  Looking for off-campus housing?

Apartment Comparison Chart

Searching for an off-campus apartment? Is it tough to keep track of the types of amenities various apartments have to offer?  This simple comparison chart might be what you're looking for!

House & Apartment Security Guideline
The Department of Safety and Security developed this pamphlet to help students become familiar with their new off-campus residence. It's also helpful to use as a guide when researching apartments. For additional housing safety information, please contact Safety and Security at

Listing of Local Off-Campus Housing Opportunities (agencies/complexes)

Stop by the Office of Commuter Services to review our complete listing of off-campus houses and apartments for rent.

Off-Campus Housing Guide
Whether you are in the early stages of moving off-campus or you’re finding a place to live on your own for the very first time, the Off-Campus Housing Guide is a great foundation of information for apartment hunters.

PhilaU Off-Campus Housing Classifieds

If you are a PhilaU student and have a vacancy in your off-campus apartment, this is where you can advertise your extra space.  You may also browse these vacancies if you are looking to move off-campus to a location resided by other PhilaU students.


Looking for a place to live in the area? Need a roommate or two? Interested in what other students feel about certain housing locations? Check out Places4Students!

[Please Note: The aforementioned website is not run nor controlled by Philadelphia University.]

Roommate Personals

Searching for an off-campus roommate?  You might be interested in completing one our brief off-campus roommate questionnaires.  These surveys scratch the surface of “roommate matching” by asking a series of questions having to do with personality, living habits, and roommate expectations in order to help students find potential compatible roommates.  You can list your own ad and/or browse what's already been posted.  We also maintain a binder of completed off-campus roommate questionnaires in our office.  Stop by to take a peek!


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