Human Resource Management

The standards for professionals in human resource management, articulated by the professional organization governing the field, constitute a primary focus for developing competencies associated with the Human Resource Management Program. Our program culminates in a portfolio-based project emphasizing the compilation of an advanced plan for human resource development in an organization applicable to the student’s defined area of professional practice.

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This program is intended for adults who have a minimum of 30 credits to apply to their BS degrees. These credits are acquired through transfer of credits from previously attended, accredited colleges and universities.  Credits include college-level courses in Writing, Math, Scientific Reasoning, History, Social Science, Humanities and Information Systems. (Please note: Information Systems training or coursework required within 5 years of enrollment in the program.)


General Education Core: 15 credits

  • HIST-321      Business, Industry and Work in American History
  • HUMN-310   Globalization and World Politics
  • SOC-310      The Social Science of the Workplace
  • COMM-320   Professional Communication Skills
  • CSSEM-499 Professional Studies Capstone Seminar

Continuing Professional Studies Core: 18 credits

  • CSSEM-300 Professional Practice Seminar

    MGMT-361   Leadership Theory & Ethical Practices

    ECON-331   Economic Decision Making

  • STAT-311     Finding and Evaluation Statistical Data
  • FINC-323     Financial Decision Making
  • IT-201        Learning and Technology

Major Courses: 15 credits

  • MGMT-320 Human Resource Practices and Tools
  • HRM-321   Staffing and Resource Development
  • HRM-336   Compensation, Benefits, and Health and Safety
  • HRM-421   Organizational and Employee Relations
  • HRM-499   Applied Research and Practice in Human Resource Management

Free Electives: 12 credits

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