Leadership in Homeland Security

The Leadership in Homeland Security curriculum provides foundational knowledge and skills for providers in the fields of fire, rescue, public safety, emergency management, security, law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. This program prepares students for homeland security positions with state, federal or local governments and/or security management careers in companies and non profit organizations. Courses are offered on-campus, om-line and in a format that combines limited on-campus sessions with one-line learning. This program provides a strong linkage to Philadelphia University's Master of Science degree in Disaster medicine and Management.


This program is intended for adults who have a minimum of 30 credits to apply to their BS degrees. These credits are acquired through transfer of credits from previously attended, accredited colleges and universities. Credits include college-level courses in Writing, Math, Scientific Reasoning, History, Social Science, Humanities and Information Systems.  (Please note: Information Systems training or coursework required within 5 years of enrollment in the program.)


Emergency responders who have obtained paramedic certification meeting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration National Standard Curriculum may be eligible for block credit transfer of 42 credits.



• HIST 321 Business, Industry and Work in American History
• HUMN 310 Globalization and World Politics
• SOC 310 The Social Science of the Workplace
• COMM 320 Professional Communication Skills
• CSSEM 499 Professional Studies Capstone Seminar



• CSSEM 300 Professional Practice Seminar
• MGMT 361 Leadership Theory and Ethical Practices
• ECON 331 Economic Decision Making
• STAT 311 Finding and Evaluating Statistical Data
• FINC 323 Financial Decision Making
• IT 201 Learning and Technology

MAJOR COURSES: 18 credits

• EMS 410 Disaster Response and Recovery Planning

• LHS 350 The Foundations of Homeland Defense and Security

• LHS 360 Unconventional Conflict

• LHS 403 Critical Infrastructure: Vulnerability Analysis and Protection
• LHS 407 Disaster Policy and Politics
• LHS *** Capstone Seminar and Applied Project in Leadership in Homeland Security



Call 215.951.2900 or email evening@PhilaU.edu for more information about this innovative program or to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.