Fire Safety Program

During their training, the Resident Assistants receive fire extinguisher training through the Department of Safety and Security in cooperation with the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Fire Safety Training

During the academic year, Safety Officer Winward conducts mandatory fire drills in all residence halls on campus ensuring that all resident students evacuate the buildings during drills. The drills are a combined effort with Residence Life staff to educate all resident students of the importance of fire safety and of the proper evacuation routes for their buildings.

Safety Officer James Winward coordinates in-service training for Resident Assistants and college staff on a variety of fire safety issues, as well as assists the various academic departments in their use, disposal, and documentation of chemicals.

Fire safety training fire extinguisher

A resident assistant receives fire extinguisher training from the Philadelphia Fire Department and Safety

navigating a smoke Filled Hallway

Officer Winward.Safety Officer James Winward guides a student through a smoke filled hallway during RA fire safety training.RAs get an opportunity to walk through a smoke filled hallway during fire safety training session.Safety Officer Winward instructs RAs along with the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Debriefing of Fire saftey training