Strategic Design MBA

Meet the Hybrid Thinkers

Hybrid Thinker Class of 2015

Patricia M. Baldridge

Tanios BouRamiaVice President for Marketing and Public Relations

Philadelphia University
Lives in Oreland, PA

I first caught the graduate school bug when I had the opportunity to complete the Institute for Education Management certificate program at Harvard University in 2003. Unfortunately, I never found a program that really spoke to my creative side and my business skills. Then the PhilaU Strategic Design MBA was launched. After raising two children and working in marketing/public relations for 25+ years, I knew the time was right to recharge my skills and become a more effective decision maker.  I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting and innovative program.


I am a member of the Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the American Marketing Association. I’ve presented at professional conferences and I’m quoted in the book, Designing Brand Identities by Alina Wheeler.


I’m passionate about my family and enjoy traveling, biking and swimming.  I love the mountains, listening to music, and entertaining.

Debbie Blissick

Stephen BowmanConsultant, Gap International

Lives in Brookhaven, PA

I applied to the Strategic Design MBA program because I believe it will open up my capacity to innovate and create in my current company. I have a desire to acquire the business acumen I need to expand in my job and better understand what my clients face in their businesses.  This program will help me integrate my past experiences and apply new learnings to enhance my future. 

I love to travel the world. I created a list of all the places I want to see. One of my interests is exploring the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Also, I enjoy playing tennis and heading to the ballpark to watch the Phillies games.

Glennette Clark

Terri Burch

Senior Consultant, Aquilent

Lives in Washington, D.C

I decided to apply to the SDMBA because I felt like I had finally found a place of kindred spirits who match my enthusiasm for using design to solve problems. I believe that I was born thinking like a designer. I love taking concepts and ideas from here and there to create something new. I am always looking for an opportunity to make a difference. 

I plan to add business skills to my user experience design toolbox. I will be able to use the UX design best practices to identify business opportunities. I will have the business toolkit to take advantage of the opportunity and bring it to market as a successful product or service.

In high school, I made an Elizabethan-period dress from damask curtains. I used newspapers for the pattern. I didn't use any zippers. I donated it to the drama department.

Andy Copleman

Elizabeth Butterfield

Client Success Manager, Monetate

Lives in Philadelphia, PA

I once heard the phrase “If people want hamburgers, sell them hamburgers.”  The saying distills a very complicated question into a simple, elementary answer.  Having worked in many different industries I have seen different industries address similar problems.  How to inspire a team trudging towards a single distant goal; why the sexy, great new product is stagnant on the sales floor or wondering if eliminating one step earlier in the process boosts conversion and engagement?  How do we know if our hamburgers are the ones people want?  At Philadelphia University’s SDMBA I want to merge business and design philosophies.  I want to learn creative ways to frame the problem and let the solution present itself.

Kristen Dalton

Meredith DixonSenior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Lives in Bel Air, MD

The Strategic Design MBA program at Philadelphia University seemed like a great opportunity for me to advance my understanding of business in a creatively applicable way. I am interested in discovering how a human-centered approach can impact organizational behavior, shape strategy and result in innovative services.

I hope to become an engaged listener, an active participant and a spirited collaborator who is equipped to understand the complexities of a given situation with clarity, and as a result, make sound decisions that connect people and solve problems.

I love stories—listening to them, reading them or writing them. For the past two years, I have awarded the Inspired Scribble creative writing scholarship to a student enrolled in the AP Humanities class at Monmouth Regional High School in Tinton Falls, NJ – my alma mater.

Kittura Dior

Christine ForesterJewelry Industry Marketing Consultant

Lives in Philadelphia, PA

My lifelong career has been in the jewelry industry.  I’ve worked in every facet of the industry from manufacturing, design, technology, retail and wholesale sales.  I appreciate everything from costume jewelry, to fine jewelry and high-end watches. The economic downturn’s effect on the industry is one reason why I’m seeking an MBA – to improve my professional marketability.

I’m working with industry professionals exploring marketing of new technology products in the jewelry industry. 

I volunteer for a number of causes.  I decorate ballrooms for yearly parties for homeless and underserved children.  I’m known in my neighborhood as a volunteer traffic activist on a quest to reduce auto crashes by educating elected officials and the public about the benefits of Traffic Calming methods.  

 Swimming and travel are personal passions.  I’m a lifelong learner and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this new form of MBA for hybrid thinkers.  My friends say this program describes me perfectly!

Jessica Engleman

Steve Ricci

Senior Account Manager, EPAM Empathy Lab

Lives in Bucks County, PA

I have worked in eCommerce for the last 10 years in varying capacities, and have always strived to balance the creative and business sides of my brain. I’ve wanted to further my education for some time, but until the SDMBA program, I was unable to find a program that was more than just the traditional MBA program. Normal business thinking wouldn't cut it. I was intrigued by the SDMBA's balance of design centered and business thinking, and excited by how applicable it is to my professional life working in the digital space, and currently at a digital agency. I hope to leverage my learning, experiences, and new cohort colleagues in the future to grow, succeed, and learn how to be the best at what I do. In my spare time, I can be found frequenting estate auctions with my husband.

Jon Habberson

Louis GrowManaging Partner, Weymouth River Group

Lives in West Chester, PA

I consider myself a young entrepreneur.  Having started a business and designed a few start-up programs I have a little bit of experience but much to learn.  I am very excited for my opportunity with the SDMBA to learn new ways of thinking and constructing ideas.  My hope is that as my learning expands all areas of my life will be impacted by Design Thinking and not just my occupation.  As a young father I don't have a ton of free time, but when I get the chance I love watching movies from all genres (except horror) and because of this passion I have a special (yet odd) talent pertaining to movies.  My wife and I love cruising around West Chester with our dog and baby in tow and enjoying all that the quaint little town has to offer.

T. Brady Halligan

Richard HartfordDirector of Sales & Partnerships with the Global Renewable Energy Education Network (GREEN LLC)

Lives in Philadelphia, PA

After receiving my undergraduate degree focused on Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior from Rutgers University, I spent the last year helping to grow a small business that provided hands-on educational tours and training abroad focused on Renewable Energy and Sustainability.  Being with this fast paced company from its conception in our dorm rooms, I knew Philadelphia was the perfect city to move our headquarters. After a successful year in Philadelphia, I knew that to continue to grow and bring this company to the next level, I would need to enhance my business knowledge, gain insight and mentorship from experienced professionals, and use my creativity to solve problems to discover new opportunities. After researching several MBA programs in the Tri-state area, I was not impressed.  I then discovered the SDMBA, and immediately thought that this program was created especially for me, and I jumped at the chance to be a part of a new program with an innovative curriculum.  

Kurk Hess

Ben LindoAssistant Division Chief, Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission,
Maintenance and Development Division

Lives in Crofton, Maryland 

I struggled to find the defining moment that made me look into the Strategic Design MBA program. Looking at the option of an MS in Project Management or in Real Estate, or a traditional MBA I realized they would not individually cover all the areas I want to explore and expand in my career.  This program captured my interest, curiosity and imagination. It is left brain and right brain becoming 1 brain. It’s balance, it's the way I think !

I have been introduced to many facets of the business world during my career.  I have come to realize that there are gaps in my game which is both sobering and enlightening. Having this chance to push the envelope of conventional thinking, look at problems and solutions in a whole new way is exactly what I have been looking for. This is an exciting opportunity to combine both business and design strategy into one. 

I am also a business coach and consultant, I coach high school ice hockey, and I love to tinker. I am guilty of having to draw almost everything when trying to explain it as I am a very visual thinker. My wife and children are excited to see that I am excited about going back to school (after a long hiatus) and are my cheer squad. 

Irfan Huda

David Marshall

Buying Operations, Men’s Apparel, Urban Outfitters

Lives in Philadelphia, PA

I decided to apply to the SDMBA because it is a new and, exciting way of delivering often dry business ideas and solutions. Often, in business, ideas are not communicated properly because the delivery lacks a compelling visual representation and process flow. There must be solutions to simplify complex business agendas, to activate them properly without misinterpretation.

I plan to make a direct impact at my company by documenting processes in compelling ways, as well as finding quantitative solutions.

I enjoy music production. I am extremely interested in cooking and, trying Philadelphia's many great restaurants. I am also interested in fashion which plays a role in my professional life.

Janet Monaghan

Evelyn May

Client Consultant to IT, FAS and International Divisions, Vanguard University, Vanguard

Lives in Lower Gwynedd, PA

I'm an enthusiastic and eager new hybrid thinker, proud to be at Philadelphia University! I work in Malvern, PA (the antithesis of Wall Street) for Vanguard, a financial services company. I've been with the company for about 15 years now (and was quite fortunate to take a 2-year break when we had our child) -- working mostly in Marketing, Communications and Leadership roles. I have an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Creative Advertising from the University of South Carolina. I work as a client consultant to our IT, Financial Advisor Services, and International divisions.

I've been working since I was 16 years old. While I get a great deal of satisfaction from my work, I'm ready to think differently about solving business, social, and personal problems. That's why I'm thrilled to be part of the Strategic Design community. 

Currently I live with my husband, daughter, and mutt in Lower Gwynedd, PA. In my free time, I love doing anything that gets me outside, including hitting playgrounds, walking, running, and playing tennis. 

Adele Prior 

Lauren McEwen

Case Worker, Turning Points for Children 

Lives in Philadelphia, PA 

Continuing my education to pursue an MBA has been a personal goal of mine since graduating from the University of Arizona several years ago.  I chose the SDMBA because it matches my personal philosophy that we can solve more problems if we approach them in a different way.  Non-profit agencies need innovative thinkers to help solve the difficult challenges in our community - and this program will provide me with the tools to be a leader in the non-profit sector. 

I moved to Philadelphia two years ago from the Central Coast of California. In my spare time I volunteer at Philabundance to help feed Philadelphia families.

Stacey Sproviero

Frank McIntire

Director of Business Development, EwingCole

Lives in Philadelphia, PA 

Obtaining an MBA has been a personal and professional goal of mine for several years; however, traditional MBA programs seemed a little too traditional for me. What attracted me to the SDMBA program was its creative, team orientated and innovative problem solving approach. I have worked in the design industry for the past 10+ years in various marketing and business development roles for nationally ranked architectural, engineering, construction and interior design firms. Working in design firms is all about brainstorming, collaboration and team work in order to creatively find solutions to our client’s problems.  I am hoping the program will build on my undergrad degree in business and my professional experience in the design industry to further my career.

When I am not enjoying wine & cheese or checking out the latest Philadelphia restaurant with my friends and family, you can find me in the yoga studio, traveling or relaxing at the beach! As a long distance runner, I have finished marathons, half marathons, and triathlons. I am an avid swimmer and worked for the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol for 7 years. PADI certified in SCUBA, I enjoy diving and snorkeling while traveling the beaches of the world. I also can’t leave out my newest interest, golf, just don’t ask me about my handicap yet!

Erin Thibault

David Raufer

Project Engineer/Project Cost Control
Blue Rock Construction, Inc.

Lives in Voorhees, NJ

I chose to apply to the SDMBA program at PhilaU to rejuvenate my passions for design, which I had been struggling to find an outlet for and examine ways of merging this passion with my current mostly business-school style professional life.  I hope to emerge from this experience with a stronger more widely cast network of like-minded professionals from across the spectrum of careers and diverse backgrounds. Also, I hope to gain a firm grasp on my strengths, and a renewed focus on mapping out my professional life and displaying my value to various business ventures. 

In my personal life, I am an avid sports fan (I probably attend 40 or more sporting events per year) with a love of dance and theater.

Juan Carlos Velasquez

Daniel Walker

General Manager, Inergética
Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Living in Philadelphia, PA for the SDMBA.

"I was always interested in going back to school for a Masters degree, but I wasn't sure about a traditional MBA or a MFA. This degree I felt bridged the gap where it engages my creativity and while developing my business knowledge."

"I hope to bring more to my organization and look forward to more opportunities that this degree will allow me to pursue."

"I maintain my own side business creating graphic communications which include logo development to invitations. Also I never think twice about jumping into home renovations no matter the scale."

Andrien Wote

Jeremy WaxmanProgram Manager, WOAN, Inc.

Lives in New York, NY

As a principal shareholder and project manager for my company, I realized I had an immediate need for specific expertise. The present day and the future requires business owners to be multi-skilled innovators.

My journey at Philadelphia University began on the day I searched online for a strategic design certificate, when the query search results directed me to the SDMBA program at PhilaU. As I reviewed the curriculum's structure I was impressed by the program focus on aspects beyond the classroom, and its application to the real world.

A successful business must have a great strategic designer, who can plan, and implement innovations. This process requires a mixture of diverse skills, knowledge, application, and methodology derived from a diverse background such as science, design, business, psychology, social studies, technology, environmental factors, and engineering.

Philadelphia University offers elements mentioned above; PhilaU emphasizes innovation in its offered courses. This is the reason why I chose to enroll in Philadelphia University’s SDMBA.

In addition to my business-related interest, I also enjoy participating in evangelical Christianity, preaching, playing golf and tennis, cooking and performing research.

Hybrid Thinker Class of 2014

Tanios BouRamia

Tanios BouRamiaTechnical Marketing Specialist, Coto Technology.
Lives in Warwick, RI.

"The Strategic Design MBA offers a framework for success independent of industry, prior experience, organization size or maturity (startup, small business, corporate enterprise, etc…). I want to develop a qualitative, humanistic design approach to complement my foundation in analytic and quantitative reasoning."

"I am an avid homebrewer and craft beer connoisseur. There's a sense of alchemy in brewing as base ingredients become a finished product as well as the satisfaction of enjoying the product and the process with friends and family."

Stephen Bowman

Stephen BowmanDesign & Engineering Manager at Innovative Office Products, Inc.
Lives in Allentown, PA.

"I decided to enroll into the Strategic Design MBA program because I knew I needed to learn more about business, and I thought learning in a collaborative, creative environment was the best way to learn. I hope to gain knowledge about how to find opportunities in business and marketing. This would be a great addition to my engineering background."

"I'm very much into college and pro football. I'm also a fan of Ford Mustangs."

Terri Burch

Terri BurchSenior analyst at Ally Financial Inc.

From Detroit, MI, but moved to Philly to attend PhilaU for the SDMBA program and for creative inspiration!

"I waited for several years to go back to school because I could not find a program that fit my personality and addressed my interests in both business and creative disciplines. When I learned about the SDMBA, I knew it was the right fit for my way of thinking."

"I have always been a creative person in the business world. I hope that the SDMBA will allow me to learn to use my creative energy to solve real business problems. I also appreciate that this program will allow me an advantage over traditional MBA’s through the design thinking integration and that’s pretty exciting."

"Although my professional career is in corporate risk, I am also a moonlight photographer. I founded a photographic company in 2010, which I hope to further expand through the knowledge I gain from this program and my encounters in this great city."

Elizabeth Butterfield

Elizabeth ButterfieldProgram Manager at Ethos Health Communications.
Lives in West Trenton, NJ.

"I decided to enroll in the SDMBA program because it really caught my eye and I wanted to gain an edge in my industry. I hope this experience opens my eyes to different fields and opportunities I might otherwise not have known about."

"I love planning parties, and they usually involve a theme. My birthday party last year was MadMen themed. I based the menu off of 50s/60s favorites complete with advertisements from that era. I decorated the house with treasures from my parents' and grandparents' houses. There was even an office bar with recipes for famous MadMen cocktails."

Meredith Dixon

Meredith DixonMSN, APRN-BC, Vice President Operations, MinuteClinic, a division of CVS Caremark.
Lives in Warren, Rhode Island.

"Going back to get my MBA has been a personal and professional goal of mine for several years. The traditional MBA curriculum and newer online learning environments did not resonate with me. This program has a rigorous curriculum and is taught in an environment that will force me to move mentally beyond existing business boundaries and disciplines and cultivate true creative design thinking concepts into my practice. That is the beauty of the Hybrid B + D Program that is so intriguing and energizing."

"As a seasoned healthcare executive, I am in a unique position in my career. I am able to combine my clinical knowledge, patient care experiences, and business operations management to lead collaborative teams that design, develop, implement, and support new and ongoing clinical programs and service initiatives that impact internal and external customers in the retail health environment. Our environment is changing so rapidly. "Patients/Customers" are looking for solutions to care for themselves and their loved ones in a way that is safe, easy, and accessible. Healthcare has a lot to learn from Strategic Design. It needs innovation to be sustainable. My hope is that I will be able to incorporate the concepts of design thinking in all aspects of my life including: my environment, my family, my team, my colleagues, and my customers. Getting to the root of problems using the design process and finding opportunities will make distinct differences in the way we build lifelong relationships. Collaboration with disciplines outside of healthcare will foster new and exciting ideas for practice models and systems; appealing to the needs of healthcare providers and consumers."

"I really enjoy cooking and entertaining with my family and close friends. "Breaking bread" together reminds us of the many reasons to give thanks and allows for fellowship amidst the chaos that daily life often brings. I like to prepare for the event and create an environment that allows for relaxation and creativity. I don't like to follow the recipes for most things. I will use the recipe to get a general sense, but the rest is often left for improvisation!"

Christine Forester

Christine ForesterChristine M. Forester, Marketing Manager, Plymouth Yarn Company, Langhorne, PA

"I completed my undergraduate from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science in 1991. I was 3rd generation in my family to attend PCT&S. Textiles were in my blood. I benefitted by the size of the college and the individual attention that I received during my undergraduate studies. In 1998, I considered Philadelphia University for an M.S. in Textile Engineering, the program was not what I needed at that time. I am an active alumnus of Philadelphia University and always wanted to go back for a Master’s degree."

"I read about the Strategic Design MBA on the PhilaU website. I scheduled for a webinar about the program, and the webinar was cancelled. Much to my delight, I contacted the graduate admission office and started talking about the program. Natalie Nixon was the creative mind behind this program. When she described the program, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. The flexibility of the program fits my full and active life. I feel that the courses are an exact fit for what I need to excel in my creative future. Business has changed immensely in the past 2 decades and I trust that this program will inspire me to shine in the competitive business market."

"I enjoy world travel and exploring different cultures. I am blessed with the support of my young twins and husband during my pursuit to enrich my mind and soul."

Richard (Chip) Hartford

Richard HartfordLinux Systems Administrator for GSI Commerce (an Ebay Company). 
Lives in Norristown, Pa.

"I chose the SDMBA Program because I wanted to be part of the pilot program. I wanted my MBA experience to be memorable and unique and the SDMBA offered that for me. I hope that this program helps me make the transition from a highly technical role to more of a design and decision making role as well as help round out my leadership skills."

"I love to surf as much as possible. I participate in Crossfit. I play the guitar. I like to mountain bike. Basically I like to be as active as possible."

Ben Lindo

Ben LindoIndustrial Designer at Southco.
Lives in Philadelphia PA.

"As a design major and business minor, I understood the importance of the relationship between business models and design development. The SDMBA program is essentially a path of natural progression. I hope to gain tools for refined project execution and learn a repeatable method of solving problems through the implementation of strategic processes. "

"I want to make a greater impact as a mentor with hopes to further diversity within Industrial Design by identifying the field as a realistic career opportunity to young African Americans."

David Marshall

David Marshall

Consultant, Gap International.
Lives in Philadelphia, PA.

"I decided I wanted an MBA because my background is not in business, and I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how businesses work. I specifically chose the SDMBA because while I never thought of it this way, I've always been fascinated by good design--things that just work, and have a lot of thought put into making them seem deceptively simple. I love the idea of applying this mindset to business challenges. I hope to learn how to understand and run a business, and ultimately how to design clever solutions to problems of all sizes in a way that is helpful to users and also profitable."

"While it is infrequent these days, I've been playing percussion since I was 9 years old. I've played a variety of instruments and styles, including wind ensemble/orchestra, marching band, jazz, rock, and performing in pit orchestras for live musical productions."

Evelyn May

Evelyn May

Coordinator, Faculty of Design, Fashion + Technology Programs, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Vancouver, BC, Canada

"There are many reasons why I decided to enroll in the SDMBA, but the first and foremost is the exciting combination of strategic design thinking with business.. For me, my studies in the SDMBA program will elevate my personal and professional development with strategies for innovation. It will provide valuable insights that go beyond traditional MBA programs and allow me to think of new possibilities."

"I have no doubt that this program will be of mutual benefit to me, my students, program and organization. It will provide me with innovative and inspirational approaches to higher education."

"My personal interests involve R+D in the area of smart textiles in health and wellness."

Lauren McEwen

Lauren McEwen

Production and Inventory Manager at Galbraith & Paul.
Lives in Philadelphia, PA.

"I was excited about the Strategic Design MBA because it combined my interests in design thinking and business strategy. During my time at PhilaU, I hope to gain the skill set and the self- confidence needed to identify opportunities and to find creative solutions to the challenges facing the Philadelphia region. I am a Penn State Philadelphia County Master Gardener, a textile artist and avid reader."

"Currently, I am lovingly restoring my West Philadelphia 1925 Tudor Revival row home, which saw a little bit too much of the swinging '70s."

Frank McIntire

Frank McIntire

Operations Analyst for Wells Fargo Bank in Philadelphia.
Lives in Washington Township, NJ.

"Obtaining an MBA has been always goal of mine. As a Philadelphia University graduate, I was familiar with the school and attracted by the creative and innovative new program. Further, the chance to reach my goal in an accelerated, executive format with other professionals led by great instructors convinced me this was program for me."

"I hope to use the experience and education from the program for career advancement, bringing value to my company and reaching my personal and professional goals."

"I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 30 years. We raised three children who are aged 29-17. I volunteer in various capacities throughout the year. In the past year, I led a team from Wells Fargo in a playground build in Kensington, and at the American Philosophical Society Museum in Old City."

David Raufer

David Raufer

Designer/ Business Development.
Lives in Philadelphia, PA.

"I currently am the Director of Business Development for Ambient Environmental Inc. with the task of opening a new office in New York City. I also have an interest in a Design Build Construction and Manufacturing company in Philadelphia."

"My decision to enroll in the Strategic Design MBA was simple…it is the perfect combination of business and design strategy for today’s emerging opportunities. I am hoping to develop the tools and define a strategy that will enable me to grow personally and professionally."

"My first BS degree from Philadelphia University in 1990 was in Fashion Design."

Steve Ricci

Steve Ricci

Product designer at Sabert Corporation.
Lives in Voorhess, NJ.

"I want to learn more about the business and marketing side of industrial design, so that I can be a more effective designer. I hope to learn how to uncover product opportunities in the market place, and design for those opportunities."

"...I am a constant drawer and doodler. I don’t consider myself a top-level illustrator, I just love to draw, render, and sketch for fun."

Daniel Walker

Daniel Walker

Senior Graphic Designer, The Vanguard Group.
Lives in Gloucester City, NJ

"I was always interested in going back to school for a Masters degree, but I wasn't sure about a traditional MBA or a MFA. This degree I felt bridged the gap where it engages my creativity and while developing my business knowledge."

"I hope to bring more to my organization and look forward to more opportunities that this degree will allow me to pursue."

"I maintain my own side business creating graphic communications which include logo development to invitations. Also I never think twice about jumping into home renovations no matter the scale."

Jeremy Waxman

Jeremy WaxmanVice President, Product Development at Verifi, Inc.
Lives in Conshohocken, PA

"I selected the Strategic Design MBA program because of its unique curriculum that included a heavy focus in skill-sets used by product management. I am looking to learn new and innovative ways of thinking and designing new products and solutions to assist in my career progression."

"I participate in CrossFit, am an avid golfer, and a Rutgers Football season ticket holder."

Orly Zeewy

Orly ZeewyBrand Architect and Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia University. 
Lives in Wynnewood, PA

"I have a design background and a strong interest and affinity for business. I'm what you'd classify as a hybrid thinker but until I met Natalie I didn't know it. Several years ago I started to think about teaching full time and explore what kind of advanced degree would make sense for someone like me. As soon as I met Natalie and she told me about the program I knew I had found the right place!"

"I hope to learn quantitative and qualitative processes that I can use in my consulting work and a deeper, factual based knowledge of how business works and thinks."

"I am a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia and have been committed to sustainable practices for nearly 10 years. I spend much of my free time in my garden and switched to native plants 3 years ago when I added a water feature to my garden. This summer, I'm hoping to add a rain barrel and replace one of my gutters with a water chain."

Robb Ziegler

Robb ZieglerRobb Ziegler, President / Creative Director, Brandimation.

Lives in the New York metro region.

"My company's focus is innovation and new product development at the intersection of research, marketing, design, and engineering. I personally dedicate a lot of time exploring how different approaches and frames toward innovation can together generate sums greater than the parts. In practice, this has generated exceptional results for clients. We make sure we're not only well versed in best practices, but are actively creating them."

"I like Philadelphia University's vision to bring design, engineering, and commerce (eg. marketing, business administration) together, as exemplified by the Kanbar DEC center and this inaugural SDMBA program. Very few other schools have dedicated such infrastructure and program resources to realizing such a vision. Other pioneering schools have added "D" to "B" or tacked on "B" to "D" or created theoretical trans-disciplinary models, while PhilaU seems to have theoretical, cross-discipline and practical aspects in harmony. That's a big challenge to take on, whether you're an individual, corporation, social or educational institution."

"On a personal level, the executive-format was also a big consideration. It will enable me to enhance rather than disrupt my work responsibilities."

"The program will provide stimuli and inputs which will broaden my personal understanding of both the challenges and rewards of this intersection and vision, from three types of frames: the educators', my fellow students', and of course my own. Already we are looking at different problems than I would typically explore with a design thinking lens. It's a joy to explore new territories and modes of thought with enthusiastic people! "

"I really enjoy traveling and connecting with people from very different backgrounds than my own--whether they have different cultures, beliefs, or roles. Especially over a good meal. For me the most important word to learn when traveling to a different country isn't "hello," "goodbye," or "thank-you" but "delicious!" This word is an expression of shared delight which often brings about more sharing! It also has much in common with another favorite avocation: yoga, which means 'to unite.'"