Collaborative Projects

Interaction Design: Digital/Industrial Design collaboration: (Historic)

Students collaborate to create interaction design prototypes which are put on display. Contact persons - Mike Leonard/Tod Corlett/Sherman Finch

Fashion Show: Fashion/Industrial Design:

Students collaborated on a podium design and on an accessories design project for this Spring's Fashion Show. Contact person - Götz Unger

Milan Design Studio: (Historic)

Interior-, Industrial-, Graphic and Industrial Design students collaborate in interdisciplinary projects. Typically - exhibit, and showroom design for local businesses. Contact persons - Beth Emmott/Lauren Baumbach/Josh Owen/Götz Unger

Air Power: Engineering/Industrial Design, Spring '09 –

Students from both programs offered solutions for the innovative application of air powered systems. The engineering students developed an air powered car. The Industrial Design student developed an air powered lawn mowing system. The students and faculty shared knowledge to assist each other in these two related but separate projects. The engineering program secured industry sponsorship for their project.
Contact persons: Muthu Govindaraj/ Hy Zelkowitz. To learn more about the Air-Powered Go-Cart, browse our highlights eBook for 2008 / 2009 and turn to page 89.

Benson Rower: Business & Design collaboration.

Engineering sponsorship from Festo. Industrial Design students collaborated with Dr. Spinelli's students on the design development and business plan for a rowing machine training device. The product scope included versions of different levels of complexity and performance. The device is the first to train the muscles and the skills used in rowing off shore. Contact persons - Dr. Spinelli/Mike Leonard. To see the Rower and learn more about it, browse our Highlights eBook for 2008 / 2009 and turn to page 87.

President's Podium:

Textile Engineering, Industrial-, Textile- (Print and Weave) and Fashion Design programs. The InD juniors collaborated with faculty and students from other programs to design and build two podia for the President. Project was completed for this year's Commencement Ceremony.
Contact person: Mike Leonard. To see the podium and learn more about it, browse our Highlights eBook for 2008 / 2009 and turn to page 23.

DEC Innovation

DEC Conceptual Map (FLASH)