Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership

Student Characteristics

The Strategic Leadership Doctorate is designed for a broad range of mid- and senior-career professionals. Eligibility requires a strong academic and professional background, and well-articulated objectives.  While students must have completed at least seven years of full-time, management-level, professional work, many have more experience. 

The spring 2018 student community consists of 40 working professional doctoral students with an average age of 42 years (range is 28 – 64 years).  There are 17 women and 23 men from the United States; Bahrain; China; India; Pakistan; Saudi Arabia; Sierra Leone; and South Africa.

Students have entered the program having earned the following Master’s Degrees: Sociology; Teaching; Business Administration; Divinity; Counseling Education; College Student Affairs Administration; Organizational Dynamics; Administration; Biotechnology Management; Economics; Health Education and Administration; Human Resource Development; Management; Mechanical Engineering; Nursing; Organizational Leadership/Professional Administration; Public Policy and Management; Resource Management; Systems Engineering; Strategic Leadership; Taxation; Urban Spatial Analytics; Education in TOEFL; and Social Work.

Entering students also have earned the following Doctoral Degrees: Higher Education; Management of Technology and Innovation; and International Relations and Law.