JeffConnect On-Demand Telehealth 

On behalf of Jefferson Health and JeffConnect, we would like to introduce to you the JeffConnect On-Demand telehealth program. Telehealth is a way to have a visit with a healthcare provider when the University’s Student Health Service is closed.

Beginning Spring Semester 2018, JeffConnect is available to all enrolled students for a $6.00 per semester fee, billed to your student account.  If you wish to use JeffConnect, you will have the ability to opt-in to the service. The deadline to opt-in for the 2018 Fall Semester  is September 21st, 2018. 

Some things to consider when choosing whether you would like to opt-in to this service:

  1. You may currently have a telehealth option as part of your health insurance plan.
    1. If you subscribe to the University sponsored plan, United Health Partners Telehealth program is part of your coverage;
    2. You may enroll in JeffConnect On-Demand telehealth program regardless of what health insurance plan you carry. This benefit will not charge or require your insurance information;
    3. JeffConnect On-Demand telehealth program is an addition to existing benefits—not a replacement;
  2. This benefit is only available if you are physically in PA, NJ or DE. That means you can use JeffConnect when you are at school or in PA, NJ or DE, but not if you are physically out of the three states;
  3. If the JeffConnect provider feels that you need care in the emergency room, they will follow the same protocol used by Student Health Services. That includes waiting on the call with you until safe transport arrives and phoning ahead to the emergency department to notify them of your condition; and
  4. JeffConnect communicates the visit notes to Student Health Services, so the East Falls campus of Student Health can follow up the next day that Student Health Services is open.

To learn more about JeffConnect, please visit

Click on this link to enroll: JeffConnect On Demand Telehealth Enrollment Form

Again, the deadline to opt-in for the 2018 Fall semester is September 21st, 2018. 

Please do not hesitate to email Student Health Services ( or call the office of the Dean of Students if you have further questions.