Tuition Management Systems Payment Plan

Students who wish to utilize the monthly installments payment plan can enroll with Tuition Management Systems (TMS). There is a nominal enrollment fee for this interest-free payment option. Further instructions for specific students are available below: 

Undergraduate students can enroll online at for $70 per year or $50 per semester. 

Incoming freshman can enroll for a 10-month, 9-month or 8-month installment payment plan. All monthly payment plans are due on the 15th of every month. The 10-month payment plan starts on July 15th. Upperclassman students can continue to enroll for TMS in a 12-month payment plan starting May 15th.  

Please have your total balance for the year and by semester (fall/spring) available to input in the budget for TMS. The total budget is divided equally according to the plan you signed for to give you your monthly payment amount. Once your TMS account is set up, your PhilaU statement should reflect a zero balance. A false credit will be in place on your PhilaU account. Any balance on your PhilaU account not covered by pending aid would mean that you still have a balance due. You can go to TMS to correct your budget or give Student Accounts a call for further assistance.

Enrollees with TMS should pay TMS only once the account is set up. TMS account has to be renewed every year for undergraduate students.  

Accelerated and Graduate students can now enroll by themselves with TMS at Please make sure to select the appropriate category; graduate or evening student. The tuition payment plan is spread out either in a 4 month or 3 month payment plan. The enrollment fee is $35 per semester and TMS accepts credit card, checking or savings account payment. Once you are enrolled, you will receive a TMS account number and statement and payment should be made directly to TMS going forward. Students must renew their TMS payment plan every semester. 

Please reach out to the Student Accounts office if you have any further questions about the payment plan.