Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended (FERPA) is a U.S. Federal Law that governs access to those records as well as disclosure of information from them. FERPA is sometimes referred to as the Buckley Amendment. 

For a detailed explanation of FERPA and the Confidentiality of Jefferson/East Falls campus, Student Accounts & Financial Aid Records, please click here.

How can I grant my parents or employer access to my financial records?

  • Jefferson/East Falls campus will not release student financial information to third parties, including parents, without a signed Permission For Release of Financial Information form.
  • Billing statements are available online via QuikPAY and students may designate an authorized payer who may access online billing records. An email will be sent when new statements are posted.
  • In order for the Financial Aid and Student Accounts Offices to disclose financial information in person or over the phone to a third party, the party must be listed on the release form that has been signed by the student.

Jefferson/East Falls campus is not required to provide access to the following:

  • Your parent’s or guardian’s financial information.
  • Confidential letters and recommendations for which you have signed a waiver of rights to inspect and review.
  • Education records that contain information about other students.
  • Any other record that is not legally considered an education record under FERPA guidelines.

A student may authorize any third party, including, but not limited to: parent/guardian, other family members, employer, and spouse.

  • Please fill the Permission for Release of Financial Information Form out completely and return the original in person or by mail. Only forms with an original signature will be accepted; do not fax or email forms.
  • The form requests that you provide a password and password hint. This information will be used for verification purposes. You will need to share the password with the recipient(s) you authorize on the form.
  • When contacting the Financial Aid or Student Accounts Office in person or by phone third parties will be asked to provide the student’s identification number (from the student’s campus identification card) and password. The University will not release financial information to parties who cannot provide verification.
  • Students may retract third-party access to their financial records at any time by completing the Retraction of Financial Information Release form. This form is available in the Student Accounts Office.

Can my parents access my other education records?

  • You may give your parent or guardian permission to access your records or grades by providing a signed and dated request to the University office from which you are seeking information.

For More Information Contact: 

Jefferson/East Falls Campus
Student Accounts
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144 


Family Policy Compliance Office 
U.S. Department of Education 
400 Maryland Avenue, SW 
Washington, DC 20202-4605 
(202) 260-3887