Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Philadelphia University offers a comprehensive and affordable health insurance policy for students in programs requiring coverage, and is available to all part-time undergraduate and graduate students taking enough credits. The University's program offers a competitive rate and we highly recommend checking the University plan against your current costs before waiving the coverage or going with alternative coverage.


University medical insurance is available to:

  • Part-time undergraduate students enrolled in at least six credits
  • Part-time graduate students enrolled in at least three credit


Medical insurance coverage  is required for:

  • All full-time day undergraduate students
  • Graduate students in health sciences programs within the College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts
  • Accelerated students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program
  • All international students

Students in the aforementioned programs will be billed automatically for the annual University policy.


2017-2018 Plan Information

The student health insurance plan for 2017-2018 is available through United Healthcare. To view plan details, visit 


International Students

International Students who are interested in waiving University health coverage should check whether a private international health insurance policy is acceptable in the United States, and must meet the requirements outlined by Health Services. Any questions can be reviewed with the director of Student Health Services located in Scholler Hall. The director of Health Services will determine if the student's insurance is adequate for coverage in the United States.


To Waive the University policy, the online waiver must be completed by September 15, 2017

To waive or enroll in the University-sponsored health and accident plan, please visit by September 15th, 2017. Students who are required to have medical insurance will automatically be enrolled if coverage is not waived prior to the deadline. For those students who want to opt in to the University plan, enrollment must be completed by September 15th, 2017.


Needlestick  Policy

Graduate students in Physician's Assistant and Midwifery program will be automatically enrolled in the Needlestick Policy. This policy provides insurance coverage should a student be exposed to blood borne pathogens. The annual policy will be billed in the fall semester. If the student has health coverage to cover needle sticks, the coverage may be waived via WebAdvisor.


Other graduate students in the health sciences programs within the College of Science, Health and the Liberal Arts and accelerated students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program may opt to purchase this coverage by opting into the coverage via WebAdvisor.




For annual enrollments, the cost of the insurance will be billed to your student tuition account in two installments- half will be assessed to your fall invoice and half to your spring invoice.

2017- 2018 Academic Year


Waiver Deadline

PA Summer Start

(07/17/17 .08/13/17)


September 15, 2017

Annual Student Premium

(08/14/17. 08/13/18)


September 15, 2017

Annual Needle stick premium

(annual policy is billed in the fall semester)


September 15, 2017