Parents Access

Please note that the university does not mail billing statements and parent access to student accounts is twofold:

  • Set your parent up as an Authorized Payer in QuikPAY so they can view statements and make payments online. As an authorized payer, your parent will receive email notices when statements are available.
  • List your parent on the FERPA Financial Release. This will allow us to discuss your student financial information with your parent by phone, email, and in person.

On the FERPA Release there is a section for a password and hint.  The password is anything you choose and the hint is something we can share with your parent if they forget your password. Please make sure your parent knows your university ID number and FERPA password when contacting our office.

Authorized payers can login to QuikPAY using their authorized payer login and password by clicking here.

Please see these additional resources for more information: