Sponsored International and Bridge Students

Sponsored Students

International students that are sponsored by their home country in paying for their tuition and fees, must provide the Student Account’s Office with a letter of guarantee before the tuition due date. Any students who are late in providing their letter of guarantee will be responsible for all late and miscellaneous fees (health insurance, tuition insurance, etc.). 

International students who are fully covered, including health insurance, must provide their letter of guarantee to the Student Accounts Office before the deadline of September 21st, 2018 the insurance coverage can be waived for you. If you cannot provide your letter of guarantee before the waiver deadline and you have your own health insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to waive the health insurance on your own, using the online waiver, by the specified waiver deadlines.

International students may also consider waiving the tuition insurance if their guarantee covers them in full. Most sponsors will not cover the cost of the tuition insurance. Students who reside on campus and whose sponsorships do not cover room and board should consider retaining the tuition insurance coverage.

Bridge Students

International Bridge students are charged a $150 educational services fee for an 8-week term. This fee covers multiple services that are provided on campus such as library services, technology support, etc.

Students who reside on campus and acquire meal plans will be billed for these as well. Billing statements are available through QuikPAY.  Payments may be remitted to Jefferson/East Falls campus through QuikPAY or using check, credit card (an additional 2.75% service fee applies to all credit and debit card payments) or cash in person at Archer Hall.