Undergraduate Day (Part-Time) 2017-2018, 2018-2019

Tuition and fee rates for part-time undergraduate students are listed below. Additional information for various policies and procedures can be found on other Student Accounts pages. Please note that the University does not mail tuition statements.

Part-Time Tuition



Part-time (Fewer than 12 credits per semester)

$1,240 per credit

$1,280 per credit






General Fee

$30 per credit hour

$30 per credit hour


Tuition Insurance

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$5.65 per credit



Health Insurance

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Students enrolled in 6 or more credits are eligible to enroll in the University-sponsored health insurance plan by opting in online through Web Advisor. The University health insurance rate is TBD annually and for spring entrants (TBD). For more information about the plan and how to enroll, visit our Health Insurance page.