Undergraduate Day (Full-Time) 2018-2019

Tuition and fee rates for full-time undergraduate students are below - use the blue navigation to skip to specific rate information. Additional information for various policies and procedures can be found on other Student Accounts pages. Please note that the University does not mail tuition statements.

Undergrad Tuition Room Rates Meal Plan FeesHealth Insurance Tuition Insurance

Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition Rates



per semester




per year


Full-time (12 to 18.5 credits per semester)

*Includes Physician Assistant pre-professional phase. 

 $19,747.50 per semester

 $39,495 per year

Physician Assistant Professional Phase

 $15,175 per trimester

 $45,525.00 per year

Overload fee (Credits over 18.5 per semester in addition to full-time tuition)

 $1,320 per credit hour


Evening / Off-Campus / Summer

 $630 per credit hour


Room Rates

per semester

per year

Residence Halls
(Scholler, Ronson, Fortress, Partridge)



Mott - Premium Double



Mott - Single



Mott - Premium Single









- Independence Plaza



Summer room rate




- 6 week session



- 12 week session



- Per week (Conference rate only)



- Per week with linens



- Per day (Conference rate only)



- Per day with linens



Meal Plan

per semester

per year

19-Meal Standard Plan



19 Meal Premium Plan 



14 Meal Standard Plan



14 Meal Premium Plan



10 Meal Standard Plan



10 Meal Premium Plan



5 Meal Standard Plan



5 Meal Premium Plan




Other Fees - Full-time undergraduate day

Application Fee




Credit by Examination 



- Undergraduate 

$1,280 per course


- Graduate 

$1,170 per  course



New Student Orientation (NSO) Program Fee

Dorm Fee

Tuition Fee (MATR)






General Fee *

   $503 per semester

  $1,006 per year

Educational Services Fee (summer students)

   $10 per credit


Graduation Application Fee (applied during graduating semester)



International Student Fee

  $110 per semester

 $220 per year

Transcript Fee



- Same day/ Overnight

$37 per copy


- International Overnight

$52 per copy


Campus Card Replacement

  $25 per replacement


Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (returned check charge)



Late Fee

All past due Student Account balances greater than 30 days past due, with the first fee charged 30 days after the first day of term.

$25 per month 


* The general fee is used for the maintenance and enhancement of student services. Services include, but are not limited to, transportation services, student activities and services, recreational and intramural sports, technology support, health center services, fitness center access and services, and residence hall laundry services. 

Health Insurance 

(Click for more information on health insurance)

2018 Fall Start (08/14/18 -08/13/19)



2019 Spring Start (01/01/19 -08/13/19)




Undergraduate Students 



$2,549 Annual 

(Billed $1,274.50 per semester)



(only applicable to New incoming Spring students) 




  • Health insurance annual policy can only be WAIVED in the Fall semester. Waiver must be completed by September 21st, 2018 for all incoming Fall students.
  • Only new incoming students in the Spring semester can submit a waiver by February 8th, 2019.
  • Providing insurance information to Athletics or Student Health Center is NOT sufficient for waiver purposes. 
  • ALL health insurance waivers must be submitted online with our agent - First Risk.

        Click Here for health insurance waiver process. 

Tuition Insurance 

(Click here for more information on tuition insurance)


per semester


per year


On campus/residence

Off campus/commuters

$118 per semester

$90 per semester

$236 annual

$180 annual