LEAD Mentors

LEAD Mentor Component Description

Students involved with the LEAD Certificate program at Philadelphia University will benefit from the Mentorship component which is woven into the curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with a mentor who will discuss their workshop options, provide direction as well as track their development and progress. The goals of the Mentorship component of the LEAD Certificate include:

  • - Develop a connection to the program for students through a personalized guide.
  • - Establish a connection for students to the University through a member of the community serving as a LEAD mentor.
  • - Articulate an intentional path in the LEAD program for students that can specifically meet their leadership needs as it pertains to their major and/or involvement on campus.
  • - Assess student’s success in the program.
  • - Assist students in understanding and integrating what they have learned.
  • - Assist students in applying what they have learned to their experiences at Philadelphia University, their leadership and professional aspirations.


* Mentors Listen

* Mentors Guide

* Mentors are Practical

* Mentors Educate

* Mentors Provide Insite

* Mentors are Accessible

* Mentors Criticize Constructively

* Mentors are Supportive

* Mentors are Specific

* Mentors Care

* Mentors Succeed

* Mentors are Admirable