Photo ID Policy

Revised: Spring 07
  • All students, faculty and staff must have a valid photo ID.
  • Photo ID’s are taken in the Kanbar Campus Center during posted hours. Appointments can be made for special cases. For info regarding Photo ID’s contact ext. 5346.
    • Hours will be posted for pictures taken daily, during the week.
    • Extended hours are scheduled at the beginning of each semester to accommodate our evening students and faculty/staff.
  • Your photo ID is taken once and is valid for your entire time at the University as a student and/or employee.
  • There is a $25 Photo ID replacement charge.
  • The replacement charge is waived when:
  • The information on the photo ID is incorrect or has been changed.
  • Your ID is stolen. A confirmation of theft is needed. This can be accomplished with a police report for off campus incidents and PhilaU Security report for on-campus incidents. This must be presented at the time new ID is obtained.
    • ID is broken due to normal usage and wear-and-tear.
    • Magnetic strip is damaged due to normal usage and wear-and-tear.
    • The $25 charge will not be waived if the ID is broken because of a hole punched into or if the hole is punched through the magnetic strip. HOLES SHOULD NOT BE PUNCHED INTO ID’S.
  • Proper identification is needed to obtain a Photo ID. No exceptions made.
  • Students must have one of the following:
    • Current registration or class schedule.
    • Paid receipt for current semester.
    • Employees must have one of the following:
    • Employee Verification, which can be obtained from the PhilaU Human Resources department in Archer Hall.
    • A copy of class syllabus.
    • Verification from the department head in which you teach.
  • Photo ID stickers are not provided by the Kanbar Campus Center.
    • The Kanbar Information Desk provides commuter stickers.
    • The Library provides library bar code stickers.
    • The student’s Residence Assistant (RA) provides Residence Hall stickers.

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