Posting Policy

Revised Spring 2007

  • Postings must be approved and stamped by the Department of Student Activities. This includes clubs and organizations from the Philadelphia University community, any student wishing to post something on campus, any individual or organization outside the University community wishing to post something on campus.
  • Postings sponsored by offices or departments within Philadelphia University do not need an approval stamp.
  • Postings and advertisements will not be approved if they advertise or promote alcohol, illegal substances, use vulgar language or show graphic sexual and/or violent content.
  • Individuals and/or organizations outside the university community will not be permitted to distribute information through Philadelphia University's mailroom unless approved by the Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities.
  • The placement of anything on cars on Philadelphia University property is prohibited.
  • The use of chalk on buildings and/or sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Postings should only be placed on specified bulletin boards. General postings should only be placed on boards specified for general use. Approved general posting areas include:
    • Down’s Hall hallway.
    • Hayward Hall Lobby and stairwells.
    • Outdoor kiosks at Hayward Hall and Ravenhill Dining Hall.
    • Ravenhill Dining Hall Lobby.
    • Ravenhill Mansion / Mott thruway.
    • Search Hall Stairwell
  • All postings within the Residence Halls at Philadelphia University must be approved by the Residence Life office.
  • Any boards assigned to clubs, organizations or departments within Philadelphia University, should be maintained by those groups. The Department of Student Activities will not be responsible for the maintenance of those boards.
  • Postings are not to be placed on windows, doors, sidewalks or painted surfaces. An exception will be made for postings that are hung the day of a program and/or one-day prior. Those postings must be removed after the program is complete. This exception is only made with posted material on or in the building that the program is happening.
  • Postings will be stamped for no more than 2 weeks at a time or for one day following the date of the program.
  • Clubs and Organizations are required to remove their postings after they have expired.
  • The Department of Student Activities will do a board cleaning twice a month. All expired postings and/or postings that are not approved will be removed immediately.
  • Violations of this policy can lead to the suspension of posting privileges. Clubs and organizations in consistent violation of this policy can have their posting privileges suspended as well as have their recognition with SGA jeopardized.
  • Kanbar Campus Center Posting Policy:
    • Three general boards are available for posting with the Kanbar Campus Center. These boards are maintained by Campus Center Staff.
    • If a department wishes to post a flyer on the board, three flyers may be left in the Student Activities Suite (Room 301) or at the Welcome and Information Desk. Kanbar staff will distribute the flyers and remove the flyers.
    • All postings will be dated and removed after the event date has passed. Postings that have no event date will be posted for no more than one month.
    • Clubs and organizations must have their posters approved through the Director of Student Activities. Three posters will be given to the Kanbar Campus Center to be posted. Flyers will be removed after the stamped date.


Office of Student Activities
Phone: 215.951.2744
Fax: 215.951.2615