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Recently the University went through an upgrade of the "Astra" software system.  With that upgrade we are currently experiencing the following issues:

- For some users the calendar display is viewing improperly. Please utilize the "Space Request Tutorial" until this issue is resolved.

- Some users are experiencing browser issues, specifically with Internet Explorer. We recommend calling the OIR Help Desk at x4648 to have someone assist you in resetting your browser.

We are sorry for any issues you might be experiencing and hope to have them resolved soon.


Philadelphia University's reservation system is powered by Astra Information Systems. This site allows viewers to check space availability and submit space requests.

The events reservation process is not utilized to schedule classes. That process is handled through the Registrar’s Office. Faculty who are seeking computer labs, change of room requests for their sections or room requests for review sessions are advised to contact Tim Smalarz at 


The Ad Astra system does not work on all web browsers. Please see the information below to clarify:

DOES Support Ad Astra :

• Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0

• Mozilla Firefox 2.0+

• Safari 2.0+ except in the calendars area.

Does NOT Support Ad Astra:

• Google Chrome


Click HERE to download a tutorial on how to View Room Availability on Ad Astra.

Click HERE to download a tutorial on how to Request Space in Astra.

Click HERE to download a listing of the Ad Astra Building codes and their definitions.



The facilities of Philadelphia University exist for the primary purpose of education and use of the University community. Priority for the use of academic facilities is given first to the University classroom needs and second to the programs and activities of University groups. University groups are defined as consisting almost entirely of students, clubs and organizations, faculty, administrators, staff or alumni of the University, whose primary activities are based at or directly related to the University. This also includes offices, departments and/or schools at Philadelphia University. The decision to permit or restrict the use of facilities by University groups will be based first on prior academic classroom commitment, then prior reservation. Reservations requested by University groups are taken on a first come first serve basis.

All groups using University facilities must comply with University standards and policies. It is the responsibility of the University Reservationist, Assistant Dean of Students Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities and the sponsoring group, to make sure those standards are being met. Those groups failing to meet the standards or comply with regulations may be denied future use of University facilities. Those groups causing damages to University facilities may be charged accordingly.


The University will reserve facilities to organizations outside of the University community. Approval of the reservations may depend upon the appropriateness and/or fit of the event with the larger mission of the University. Use of the space will be handled as a rental and accompanied by fees and appropriate charges. If you are a group or organization outside of the Philadelphia University community and wish to reserve a facility on campus please contact James Reilly at


The Campus Events Reservationist can be reached at phone extension x5346 or at .

All space requests for events must be submitted online at Philadelphia University’s Campus Reservations site located at

A room reservation is not confirmed by submitting an online request. Requests can only be confirmed and/or approved by the Campus Reservationist.

Reservation requests can be placed for no longer than 1 semester ahead of time. All exceptions for requests further out on the calendar will be made by the Campus Reservationist.

Requests for spaces considered academic spaces cannot be approved until academic calendars and schedules are confirmed.

For requests less than 2 days or over 120 days away, please email the following:

Event Name:

Space Requested:

Availbale in Astra (y/n): If no, please request another room available)


Times (Start and End):

Relevant Details:

We will send a confirmation email through the system once your reservation is confimed. Please be aware that specific setup requirements may not be available due to the last minute nature of the request, but you should still submit all of your work orders as usual. Please work with Physical Plant with any setup issues.


Reservation requests operate on different status levels. When a request is submitted online it is at a “Requested” status. If a request is approved it is then upgraded to a “Scheduled” status. If the request is not approved the request will be at a “Declined” status. If a reservation is canceled it is at “Canceled” status.


Email confirmations regarding all requests are sent to the requestor for the following purposes:

* To confirm the request has been received.

* To confirm the request has been scheduled or denied.

* To inform the requestor that there has been a change in the reservation (i.e. location change, time change, status change, etc.)


Any space classified as a classroom, lab and/or design space can be reserved through the campus reservationist if the request is outside regularly scheduled classes. That information is first confirmed through the Office of the Registrar.

The procedures governing the use of campus facilities shall apply to the use of outdoor spaces on University property as well. Factors that play a part in the approval of outdoor locations may include location of the event, time of the event, city ordinance and the proximity of the event to community neighbors, proximity of the event to classes and offices, noise control, etc.

Utilization of campus facilities for the Philadelphia University community is free when used for University business. Special setups and unusual cleanups are subject to charges.


Campus-wide social programming is strongly discouraged for clubs and organizations during reading days and the final exams period at the end of each semester.


The Assistant Dean of Students Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities must approve all activities in the Kanbar Campus Center. A meeting or conversation to clarify event details may be required prior to event approval.

Specifics regarding the Kanbar Campus Center and the use of that space can be found at


The Assistant Dean of Students Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities must approve all events sponsored by student clubs or organizations. A meeting or conversation to clarify event details may be required prior to event approval.


It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to make specific arrangements for services with Dining Services, Physical Plant and/or Media Services.

- All Physical Plant information as well as information on placing Work Orders can be found at A Work Order must be placed in order to have the room set for your event. If a work order is not placed for room set-up there is no guarantee the room will be set appropriately for your event and/or that the appropriate furniture will be available when you arrive. When reserving a space please allow for an appropriate amount of time for set-up and break down.

- All Dining Services information as well as information on placing Catering Requests can be found at

When reserving a classroom for a catered event, during the Tuesday and Thursday break period, please allow at least a half an hour before and after the scheduled time to allow for set-up and breakdown. If not, Dining Services and/or Physical Plant have the right to refuse their services.

- All Media Services information as well as information about placing a Media Services Request can be found at


Once a room request has been sent through Astra, the requestor is not able to go back into the system to alter their request. If an event is canceled, postponed, the time is changed and/or the location of the event is moved please contact the Campus Reservationist immediately so that this space can be made available for toher users. It is also common courtesy to do the same for any special service requests that have been placed with Physical Plant, Dining Services and/or Media Services.


In the event of a space conflict, priority will always be given to the group who has the reservation confirmed and at “Scheduled” status. This should be reflected in the email to the requestor, which can be printed out. As stated in the policy above, “Reservations requested by University groups are taken on a first come first served basis”. If a group wishes to use a space that is already reserved they must do the following:

- Contact the University Reservationist prior to any online submission.

- The requestor must then contact the organization that holds the current reservation to request the release of the space.

- If the sponsoring organization agrees they must contact the Reservationist to inform him/her of their decision and work out the details of moving to another space.

- If there is still a conflict regarding the situation, all concerns can be directed to the Assistant Dean Director of the Campus Center and Student Activities who may consult with the Dean of Students on decisions.


Student Activities Office

Phone: 215.951.2744

Fax: 215.951.2615