Performing Arts at PhilaU

Philadelphia University provides a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in the performing arts during their time on campus.  Amongst the many talents that PhilaU students bring to campus are singing, dancing, acting and playing instruments. The Student Activities Office partners with local professionals and campus faculty to facilitate clubs and performances through which students can express themselves and their art.


 The PhilaU Singers is a student organization that is open to the entire campus community.  The group is run by students but supported by a local professional who is both a working musician and conductor. The choir is an opportunity for students to socialize with individuals who enjoy vocal music. It also allows members the ability to brush up on music theory as they learn and perform a variety of musical styles and choral works.  The PhilaU Singers perform at multiple campus events as well as Winter and Spring concerts.


 The PhilaU Chamber Orchestra brings together a diverse group of musicians from strings to woodwinds.The group is run by students but supported by a local professional who is both a working musician and conductor. The ensemble performs classical and pop music at various campus events and concerts often in conjunction with our PhilaU Singers. The groups experience extends to outings in Philadelphia for professional music performances.


Tango Club is comprised of a group of students who love to dance Argentian Tango. The club welcomes all students and faculty of the university who wish tolearn the dance, and holds many events throughout the year including dances, community service activities, and excursions into the city of Philadelphia to mingle with the other Tango Communities at neighboring universities.  Formany years the Tango Club has also provided weekly lessons for the campus community.


Rhythm and Motion Dance Company is a student led group on campusand is a creative team that recognizes the importance of dance. Members can choreograph, perform in dances, participate in master classes with professional dancers, and enjoy discounted Company trips to dance shows. RAM Dance Co performs a major show at the end of each semester, and performs at multiple school events throughout the year.


The Ram Royale Step Team was started on campus to push more diversity in the performance groups at Philadelphia University. They welcome all and everyone who is interested to join. Step is a form of dance derived from Africa and the Caribbean Islands that uses hand and stomp coordination to create unique beats. This team can be seen supporting campus events and bringing their art to the community.


Gemini Theater is one of the longest standing student organizations at the University. Gemini gives students the opportunity to act on stage, work with costumes, be part of a stage crew,design and run lighting, and more. They are supported by a local theater professional who works with them on a regular basis to assist in their growth and performance. Gemini Theater provides more cultural options to the campus by performing both a Fall and Spring main stage production.  They are diverse in their offerings and perform dramas, comedies and one-acts.