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What is LEAD?

The LEAD co-curricular certificate program is designed for student leaders looking for opportunities that will contribute to their personal and professional development.  LEAD aspires to assist students in reaching their leadership potential.  The foundation of the program is informed by The Social Change Model of Leadership Development.  The goals of The Social Change Model are to enhance student learning through self-knowledge and leadership competence.  Social Change examines leadership development from three different perspectives: The Individual, The Group and The Community. 



The LEAD Program includes the following components and commitments:

  • Completion of an assigned Leadership Assessment Tool. The instrument identifies students’ personal skill sets and how they contribute to their leadership experience;
  • Attendance and completion of the LEAD This weekend program is a deliberate leadership training curriculum developed to focus on self-awareness and growth in the group experience. The program will contain interactive and hands-on activity that will challenge students to push themselves personally and their understanding of their leadership;
  • Attendance and participation in the culminating program that integrates reflection and assessment of the content learned in the retreat setting. The process includes practical application of their knowledge and discussion of personal goals moving forward;


LEAD Leadership Team members are:

Timothy Butler / Chair, Associate Dean of Student Life

Heather Weaver, Director of Student Engagement

Giancarlo Brugnolo- Associate Director of Student Engagement for Operations

Deena Smith- Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Campus Activities

Ali Stefanik- Assistant Director of Student Engagement for Diversity and Social Justice


How do I get more information?

Email LEAD@PhilaU.edu