Safety and Security

215-951-2620 - Main Office

215-951-2999 - 24 Hour Communications Center/Emergency 

The safety and security of all University community members is extremely important.  The following information is intended to equip students with the knowledge needed to make wise decisions while participating in the Philadelphia University experience.

Crime Report

Philadelphia University's Security Report required by the Jeanne Clery Campus Security Act and the Pennsylvania College and University Security Information Act are available at  The document contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention, crime reporting policies, crime statistics, disciplinary procedures and other matters of importance related to security on campus.  You can receive a paper copy of the report by contacting the Department of Safety and Security at (215) 951-2620.

Car Trouble

The Department of Safety and Security provides "jump-start" assistance in the event of a dead battery.  Safety and Security can be reached by dialing "2999" using any of the blue light emergency phones around campus or any campus phone.  It is recommended that you place the emergency number in your cell phone-215-951-2999.

Ram Van

The Ram Van is a free shuttle service available for Philadelphia University students.  The van drivers are not permitted to pick up or discharge passengers at any location other than those listed below. When road conditions are deemed unsafe for vehicular traffic, the van will not operate or will cease operation.  The Ram Van is for the security and safety of the campus community as part of a comprehensive security program and not for convenience.  Therefore, transportation is not guaranteed and individuals with disabilities have transportation priority.  Escorts are available after the Ram Van shuttle stops running.  Contact Safety and Security at 215-951-2999 for a safety escort.

Ram Van Route

The Ram Van circuit is a continuous loop with stops across from the Safety and Security Building, Mott Circle, The Tuttleman Center Lot, Downs Hall Lot, Althouse Hall, and the Falls Center.


Every member of the campus community (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) must register their vehicle.  Please see the current Parking and Traffic Regulations brochure at the web address below, during parking registration on the web or by requesting a paper copy from the department of safety and security.

A parking permit can be obtained from any networked computer by going to and completing the registration process on line.  (Please be sure to have your vehicle information available).  To pick up a permit, the registrant must personally appear at the Safety and Security and present a current Campus ID, valid driver's license, state vehicle registration card, and proof of insurance.  Please note that resident students who have completed less than 24 credit hours are not eligible to park on campus.

The University reserves the right to search automobiles parked on University property if concerns arise regarding the safety, security or sanctity of the campus.

All students are expected to obey the parking rules and regulations and to park their vehicles on campus only in areas indicated for student parking.  All parking spaces are defined by lines on the ground.  Please note that parking may be restricted or prohibited at many areas along Henry Avenue, Warden Drive, School House Lane and Vaux Street.

Philadelphia University shall assume no liability or responsibility for theft, damage or loss that may occur while parking on campus.

Safety Tips: Deterring Theft

"Opportunity" or "temptation" crimes may occur when property is left unattended.  By taking away the opportunity, these thefts cannot be committed.  With everyone's assistance, these crimes can be deterred and the campus rendered much safer.  The following sensible precautions can be taken to protect property and reduce the possibility of becoming the victim of these crimes:

  1. In the residence halls, lock the room door at all times, especially when you are sleeping. Also, lock your room windows;
  2. In the academic and administrative buildings, lock your office door whenever you are not present, even if you are only leaving for a few moments;
  3. Do not leave your personal belongings (books, purses, backpacks, gym bags, calculators, coats, cell phones etc.) unattended in the library, academic buildings, athletic facilities or classrooms;
  4. When your vehicle is parked, do not leave items of value in plain view.  Always lock your car doors and roll up the windows;
  5. To deter vehicle theft, utilize a steering wheel-locking device when your vehicle is parked;
  6. Report any suspicious person(s) or activities immediately by calling security at 215.951.2999 or 215-848.5555;
  7. If you are the victim of a crime, no matter how minor it might seem, call Security at 215.951.2999 first, then 215-848.5555.