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Dissent and Demonstration

There may be times when students choose to dissent with University or public policy and demonstrate on campus.  Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) is committed to respecting freedoms of speech and assembly for all members of the University community.  However, the University must balance those freedoms against its responsibility to provide a safe environment where community members can engage in their educational interests and pursuits free from disruption. Specifically, disruptions will include those activities and/or behaviors which:

  1. Interfere with the rights of students, faculty, staff and or guests of the University;
  2. Disrupt or obstruct educational and other activities of the University;
  3. Obstruct or restrict free movement of persons on any part of the University campus;
  4. Interfere with the proper use of offices or other facilities to the students, faculty, trustees, staff or guests of the University;
  5. Endanger the safety of any person at the University; and/or,
  6. Threaten or result in the destruction of property.

To use a campus facility for demonstration purposes, students and organizations must register their intent to demonstrate in writing with the Office of the Dean of Students at least 48 hours prior to the event. Students will be asked to complete a Demonstration Registration Form which includes the name of the event coordinator and other relevant information.  Upon approval, the event coordinator should secure the location with the University reservationist.

The University will insist that all planned protests be peaceful and orderly, and carried out in accordance with these guidelines and in areas other than faculty and administrative offices, classrooms, libraries and student rooms.  Students who violate these guidelines will be subject to the University Judicial System.