M.S. in Taxation


Core Courses

The M.S. in Taxation core curriculum is comprised of the following courses:

Individual Taxation

This course is a study of federal tax law as it pertains to individuals. It emphasizes the determination of gross income, deductions and credits, tax accounting and timing principles, realization and recognition of gains and losses, and standards of tax practice and ethical concerns. Students gain an awareness of history and tax policy considerations behind various Internal Revenue Code provisions.

Corporation Taxation

This course will provide students with knowledge concerning organization, capital structure, gross income and deductions, dividends, accumulated earnings tax, personal holding tax and stock redemptions.

Tax Research

This course enhances the student's ability to identify tax issues, locate and evaluate the legal authority relevant to those issues and effectively communicate, both orally and in written form, the conclusions and recommendations from their research. Electronic (computer) research will be taught in a hands-on setting. Students will gain an awareness of issues in federal tax practice and procedure, including ethical concerns for tax professionals. Prerequisites: TAX-660, TAX-662

Taxation of Flow-Through Entities

This course provides an in-depth study of flow-through entities including S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. Emphasis will be focused on the student's understanding of the tax statutes, court cases and practice techniques related to the concept of "choice of entity." This course creates an awareness of the potential consequences of choosing a particular form of entity. Topics covered include formation, operation, and dissolution of S corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.

State and Local Taxation —Individual and Corporations

Emphasis will be placed on individual and corporate tax problem areas in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Gross receipts and sales tax will also be covered.

Estate and Gift Taxation

This course will review mainly the estate and gift tax returns, such as preparation and problem areas. Deductions, income, annuities and taxable transfers will be discussed.

Innovative Specializations 

In addition to the core courses, M.S. in Taxation students select from a suite of elective courses specific to their professional focus. Students select four elective courses equaling 12 credit hours. 
Electives include:

Financial Planning
Business Tax Planning
Current Issues in Taxation & Accounting
Taxation of Real Estate Transactions
IRS Tax Procedures

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