Textile Design


Students are supported and encouraged to take internships and gain as much real-world experience while studying at PhilaU.  Below is a typical course sequence for a textile design undergraduate student. For specific scheduling information please contact the program director.

FIRST YEAR (32-34 credits)

College Studies

Writing Seminar I
Historical Understanding: American Transitions

Quantitative Reasoning I + II

FiniteMath + Introduction to Calculus OR
Pre-Calculus + Introduction to Calculus OR
Pre-Calculus + Calculus I OR
Calculus I + Calculus II

DEC Process

Integrative Design Process

Major Courses

Survey of Textiles (Fall)
Drawing I (Fall)
Visual Studies: Design
Adv Drawing: Materials & Techniques (Spring)
Knitting Technology I

Physical Education

Physical Education OR Community Service

SECOND YEAR (31 credits)

College Studies

Science I: General Chemistry
Social Sciences I
Writing Seminar II

DEC Systems

Sustainability & Eco-innovation OR Biology for Design

DEC Frameworks

Business Models 

Major Courses

Weaving Technology I
Weave Design Studio I (Spring)
Knit Design Studio I (Fall)
Textile Design Research (Fall)
Introduction to Digital Imaging (Spring)

THIRD YEAR (32-33 credits)

College Studies

Humanities I
Arts & Culture: History of Western Art I
Language or Area Studies

DEC Methods

Ethnographic Research Methods

Major Courses

Advanced Weft Knitting OR Knit Technology II
Jacquard OR Weave Technology II
Print Design Studio (Fall)
Print Practices OR Textile Print Technology
History of Western Art II
Dyeing & Finishing

FOURTH YEAR (33-35 credits)

College Studies

Contemporary Perspectives
Junior Seminar
Language or Area Studies

Major Courses

History or Textiles and Costumes
Textile Materials (Fall)
Textile Design Capstone (Spring)
Textile Design Designated Elective (Fall)
Textile Design Designated Elective (Spring)
Seminar: Textile & Apparel Industry Issues (Fall)

Free Electives (3 credits)

TOTAL: 130-133 credits

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