Textile Design

Program Description

The Textile Design Programs at Philadelphia University offer integrated, collaborative curricula that blend aesthetic, creative skills with emerging technologies. The Textile Design program offers a Bachelor of Science degree, combined Bachelor and Master of Science degree, and a Master of Science Degree.  

In the Bachelor of Science program, starting in their freshmen year, students put professional skills to practice using state-of-the-art facilities, including The Center for Excellence of Digital Printing, electronic jacquard and dobby looms, computerized knitting machines, and extensive computer-aided design laboratories.

Students take studio and technical courses in weaving, knitting and printing, with hands-on work from the first semester on campus.  Courses in dyeing and finishing and materials technology complement advanced course work in designated textile design electives. 

Courses are taught by active members of the textile design field: artists, design directors, authors and researchers. Visiting artists and guest lecturers expand the educational experience, bringing real-world applications to the classroom experience. 

Partnerships with industry, interdisciplinary sponsored projects, national and international design competitions and exhibitions at international trade shows provide practical experience.

Our graduates become stylists and product developers, designers and colorists, trend consultants and fabric engineers. Our textile designers marry creative ability with emerging technologies to establish the trends in design, color, pattern and product.

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