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The Center for Excellence of Digital Inkjet Printing of Textiles


Directed by Professor Hitoshi Ujiie, the center allows students and professors to explore and refine design initiatives based on digital printing technologies including both spot and process coloration.

The Center's mission is:

    To conduct inkjet design and engineering research
    To conduct "proof-of concept" research with inkjet technology for industry
    To enhance digital ink jet printing technology with machine producers as well as ink, media
    and software developers.
    To conduct digital fabric printing service
    To conduct inkjet printing education (conference, seminar, workshop)

The center currently has state-of-the art digital ink jet printing equipment from Mimaki Engineering, Mutoh Industries, McDermid Colorspan, Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Roland, and EnCad.
Here textile design students, both undergraduate and graduate and professors can explore and refine design and engineering initiatives that are based on digital printing technologies. Additionally, the center is also supported by ink, media and software developers, which include: ErgoSoft, Wasatch Inc, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Dupont Inkjet, Rohm and Haas, DyStar, and so on.

With the industry support, enhancement of inkjet printing with conventional textile printing as well as new and novel approach of this technology are being explored. The center also provides services to the industry, such as "proof-of-concept" to apply the technology for R&D and production workflow, testing for new products, and printing services.

Funding through annual subscriptions by machinery manufacturers, ink / software developers and producers and textile manufacturers will be used to support education and research in this developing area. Patrons will have opportunities to participate in Center activities.

For further information concerning membership and inkjet textile printing technology, contact Professor Hitoshi Ujiie, Director of the Center for Excellence of Digital Ink Jet printing of Textiles at Philadelphia University. 215-951-2682 or at


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