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Textile Design Department

Testing and Evaluation Facilities

An important part of our program is to understand how textiles preform.
Students learn through hands on experience.

Equipment Available:

    pH Meter, digital - Fisher Scientific
    ICI Snag Tester, Mace & View Cabinet - Shirley Developments
    AATCC Accelerator Abrasion Tester - Atlas Electric
    Wrinkle Recovery Tester - Monsanto Chem. (4)
    FRL Bending Tester, Cantilever - Testing m/cs, inc.
    Flex Abrasion Tester, Stoll - Custom Scientific Instruments
    Inflated Diaphragm Abrasion Tester, Inflated diaphragm, Stoll - CSF
    Taber Rotary Platform, Abrasion Tester (w/ vacuum), Teledyne Taber
    Random Tumble Piling Tester - Atlas Electric
    Martindale Abrasion Tester
    Mullen Ball Burst Tester, Inflated Diaphragm - B.F. Perkins
    Atlas Snag Tester, Bean Bag - Atlas Electric
    AATCC Crockmeter - Atlas Electric
    Abrasion Tester, Tetrapod Walker
    Spectralight, Macbeth
    Air Permeability Tester - Frazier Precision Instruments
    Shrinkage Gauge, knit - U.S. Testing Co.
    AATCC Wrinkle Tester
    Tensile Tester, "j" (Pendulum) - Scott Testers (300 lbs. max)
    Instron Tensile Tester - Model 1125 with Micron Printer,
    Uster Tensorapid - single end strength yarn tester
    Snag Tester, J.C. Penny - CSI
    Twist Tester (automatic)
    Stretch Recovery Tester, Chemstrand Knit - Better Fabrics Testing Bureau
    Drape Tester, Cusick
    Yarn Appearance Board Winder, Automatic - Alfred Suter
    Yarn Friction Tester
    Eveness Tester & imperfection indicator - Uster
    KES - FB 1,2,3,4, - Kawabata System for fabric Hand Evaluation
    KES - FB 7 - Thermo Labo II
    Fast - 3 Extension Meter
    Fast - 1 Compression Meter
    Fast - 2 Bending Meter
    Balance, ILE Multi Scale
    Scortch Tester - Atlas Electric
    Hand - o - meter - Twing Albert
    Tearing Tester, Elmendorf Pendulum
    Impact Tester, Shirley Pendulum - Goodbrand
    Spray Tester apparatus - AATC
    Perspiration Tester - AATCC Streak Analyzer - Atlas Electric
    Fiber Identification Stains - Shirley Development
    Melting Point Analyzer, Digital
    Iron, Steam Hand
    Tensile Creep Testers, Fiber and Yarn - PCT&S
    Bausch and Lomb Binocular Microscope
    PCT&S Friction Testing Plate - Custom Scientific Instruments
    Automate-Yendell Biaxial Tensile and Shear Tester - Automate Products
    Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Bausch and Lomb Spectronic 20 Spectrophotometer
    Binocular & Polarizing microscopes
    Fiber Section Kit - Shirley Development
    Scanning Electron Microscope
    SP78 Spectrophotometer and Computer & Software - X-Rite
    Nikon Alphaphot-2 Microscope w/video camera, Sony Screen and Sony Video
    Leica BF 200 Monocular microscopes (6)
    Electrothermal Melt point device
    Q Panel QSun 1000 Xenon Light Exposure Instrument
    Whirlpool, heavy duty, front loading dryer (5 cycle, 3 temp.)
    Heavy duty, front loading dryer (multicycle, all fabric)
    Heavy duty, top loading washer (multicycle, all fabric)
    Commercial Dry Cleaning m/c
    Gas Fader, Drum - U.S. Testing
    Flammability, carpet pilling tester
    Flammability Tester, 45 degrees - U. S. Testing
    Flammability Tester, Vertical - U.S. Testing






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