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Textile Design Department

Weave Studios

Students realize their ideas in our Weave labs as shown here to the right.

    a. Our original 1884 dobby head looms have been computerized to maximize students' exploration of fine yarns and complex weaves.
    b. After developing his idea on the computer, this student proceeds to the electronic Jacquard weaving machine to check the actual fabric.

    c. Students work closely with professors. Here he receives critical feedback during a review of his collection.
    d. The handweaving studio affords students a variety of weaving experiences.

Weave Facilities:

    From Handweaving, through Dobby, Power and Jacquard Looms both Graduate and Undergraduate students have access to a wide range of equipment, including:

Weave Design Studios

    Floor looms
      Macomber looms: 10 harness, 12 harness, 16 harness (3)
      Harrisville 4 harness & 4 harness table top Dobby hand looms

    Electronic looms:
    24 harness (6), 16 harness (4) with individual computers Mechanical: 32 harness (6)
    Bernina Sewing machine, Bernina serger

Woven Fabric Production Laboratory

    Sulzer Textil L5200 Air jet weaving machine, cam
    Sulzer Textil G6200 Rapier weaving machine, 24 shaft dobby
    Dornier rigid rapier weaving machine, 18 shaft dobby
    Somet Thema II rapier weaving machines, electronic Jacquard (2)
    Iwer rapier weaving machine, 20 shaft dobby
    Crompton & Knowles shuttle looms (2), 14 shafts & 18 shafts
    Single position label shuttle loom with Jacquard head, card cutting machine& lacer
    Cromption & Knowles Cam Needle Loom
    Section warping machine
    Bobbin winder
    CDL computer operated dobby pattern punch


    AVL Handweaving software
      11 different workstations, 2 color printers Software packages--2 different AVL programs Linked to 4 AVL floor looms and 6 renovated dobby head hand looms
    Monarch /Pointcarre software
      (5 independent workstations and 10 linked directly to handlooms)
    G4 Macintosh workstations, scanner, printers
    Software for Jacquard & dobby weaves, print, sweater knits and fashion
    JacqCAD Master software (5 workstations)

For more department computers see: Computer, Print,andWeave.




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