Campus Resources

To download a Jefferson Title IX Resource Brochure click HERE

Confidential Campus Resources

Some University employees enjoy confidential status. Students may wish to seek these confidential resources to discuss filing a complaint and/or access support services.

The following Philadelphia University student health and counseling staff are confidential resources.

  • Director of Health Services
  • The Nurse Practitioners in Health Services
  • Director of Counseling Services
  • All counselors in Counseling Services

In most circumstances these confidential resources have a professional and legal obligation not to reveal information shared in the course and scope of performing their duties.

When students talk to a confidential resource about a possible violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy, that support person will not reveal or report this conversation to anyone. 

Confidential support people do have a duty to report to someone when they have reasonable cause to believe that the person sharing information with them is dangerous to themselves or others. Confidential resources will review their confidentiality obligations with you when you meet with them.

Talking to a confidential resource is not a complaint under the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and consequently does not activate investigation and adjudication processes.

Non-Confidential Campus Resources

Faculty and staff, i.e. all employees, at the University who are not confidential resources, must report allegations of sexual misconduct to the Dean of Students Office. This includes all professors, advisors, coaches, professional and support staff, and peer counselors (e.g. resident assistants). The Dean of Student serves as the Title IX Coordinator for the University and in that capacity is obligated to insure that any and all reports of sexual misconduct against students receive prompt and appropriate action. Allegations of sexual misconduct against employees are referred to the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.

  • Safety and Security, 215-951-2999
  • Title IX Coordinator, Zoe Gingold, Director, The Office of Student Accessibility Services, 215-951-6830
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Beth Shepard-Rabadam, Associate Provost, 215-951-0353
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator,  Ali Stefanik, Assistant Director, Diversity & Social Justice  215-951-2856