Course Planning

This guide is intended to help transfer students determine how credits earned at other institutions may meet requirements for the general education program at Jefferson (Jefferson + Thomas Jefferson University). Jefferson accepts transfer credit for college-level courses with grades of C or higher from institutions of higher learning. This reference guide does not guarantee admission to the University nor transferability of course work. Students considering transferring to Jefferson should contact a Jefferson admissions counselor for a personalized transfer plan.

Course Equivalencies

Design Students: Please note we cannot approve design courses prior to enrollment in the course; transferable credit for design courses is incumbent upon a portfolio review after a course is taken.  Due to sequencing and timing of course offerings, please note that it may take longer to complete a design degree.  A portfolio review of any completed design course work will be helpful in clarifying degree completion timeframe.

Science Students: Please be sure you are taking courses designed for science majors as there may be different levels of Biology, Chemistry, Physics (etc) offered. Always review coursework with a transfer admissions counselor at Jefferson. Students interested in graduate programs should review criteria for graduate admission. While students may transfer in courses with a C or higher, some graduate programs may require a higher grade in specific courses to gain admission.

Below is information regarding equivalencies for our general education curriculum. Please always consult with a transfer admissions counselor prior to enrolling in a course to ensure transferable credit.


Transfer Institution

WRIT – Written Communication

English Composition I

DBTU – Debating U.S. Issues

U.S. History

ADIV – American Diversity

Intro to Sociology or topics in U.S. sociology
American government or U.S. political science
Psychology (Intro/Abnormal/Women and Psych)
American Literature
Topics in U.S. History (African American, Immigration, Gender/Sexuality).

ETHICS – Ethics

A course in Ethics, Religious Studies, or Philosophy

GDIV – Global Diversity

Language I (except American Sign Language)
World Literature or a non-U.S. Literature course (i.e. British Lit)
World Humanities
World History
Cultural Anthropology
World Religions
Area Studies (Study of a Region)
Non-Western Philosophy

GCIT – Global Citizenship

Language II
Political Science (International Focus)
Economics (Macroeconomics, Economic Development)
International Relations
Global Politics
Human Rights