DIY Major Choice Program

What is DIY?

University College: DIY program provides an opportunity for students undecided about their major to use their first year to explore and identify what program at PhilaU best fits their career goals and talents.  This supportive community provides structured guidance and encouragement to help DIY students make an informed decision about their choice of major in the first year. Through special programming, DIY students use their first two semesters to explore their educational and career opportunities, to learn success strategies for college, and to navigate the resources, courses and programs at PhilaU.

How does it work?

Students in DIY explore their interests through course work, advising, and individual meetings with faculty and staff members. With the guidance of their first-year advisor, students will be able to choose their introductory major courses from thematic groupings that introduce topics and issues relevant to particular professional major programs. All DIY students will be enrolled in a one-credit University Discovery course. The course supports first-year students by introducing academic and interpersonal skills necessary to become engaged learners at PhilaU. Through classes, individual meetings, and personal reflections, students will discover how they learn and develop strategies for academic success, career exploration, and campus engagement.

As part of the University Discovery class, students also engage in activities such as class visits, discussions with upper-level students, workshops with Career Services, and individual meetings with program directors to learn more about what it is like to study in a particular major, and where it may lead after college. 


Through their participation in University College: DIY students will:

  • Improve their knowledge of the courses and curricular offerings at PhilaU
  • Gain insights into the career opportunities available through study at PhilaU
  • Develop self-awareness to support informed decision-making
  • Discover their interests, goals, and opportunities at PhilaU