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A particular strength of the program lies in its collaborations with other departments and its integration with the University’s courses in business, engineering and the liberal arts. Students study basic business practices, and how characteristics of the new technologies relate to various aspects of the networked economy. Throughout your four years, you will have the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary environments in teams with other majors, to understand team dynamics and leadership, and gain real-world experience.


PhilaU's Web Design & Development program has established a large network of interactive design professionals affiliated in and outside of the Philadelphia area in order to create a community comprised of freelancers, artists, businesses, design firms, publishing houses, and many other organizations.

This network is a vital asset to the program has supported students in a wide variety of ways. It has helped establish standards in the curriculum, provide jobs and internships for students and has facilitated conferences, events and lectures on and off campus. The impact these affiliates have had is evident in that 94% of juniors have held internships, 88% of which have turned into salary positions for students.

If you are a company or agency interested in collaboration or partnership with the Thomas Jefferson University Web Design & Development program, please contact Neil Harner at harnern@PhilaU.edu.

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