Web Design and Development

10 Reasons to Study Web Design and Development at PhilaU

  1. Be more than a webmaster.
    Our program focuses on creating a strong designer & developer with capabilities to apply their skills to web design, ecommerce, digital media, mobile apps, innovative kiosks, wearable devices, the internet of things (IoT) and interactive physical spaces.
  2. You're a part of the major from Day 1.
    We have a strong, exciting studio culture, and we don't make you suffer through a years-long "foundation" program. Everybody works together in the studios, and we have special projects where our students get to know and learn from each other.
  3. You don't need to know how to draw already.
    We don't require a portfolio for admission. We'll teach you the skills you need from day-1 and help you build your abilities through a series of drawing & design studios that are critical and transferrable to activities on the computer.
  4. Study in a top-city for tech.
    Located just outside of Center City Philadelphia, this degree program is at the heart of a growing and innovative design & technology community. Whether it’s the countless tech companies, dozens of cutting-edge digital agencies, a variety of professional workshops & conferences, or the many community organizations; technology is part of Philadelphia culture and students are required to be part of the community.
  5. Internships.
    Technology employers are on the rise throughout the region and they come to PhilaU to seek our designers & developers for valuable paid internship opportunities. And you can also receive credit!
  6. This is a great profession, not just an exciting major.
    Our alumni get great jobs ranging from big corporations like Comcast & Lockheed Martin Aeronautics to innovative and award-winning agencies like 160over90 or Red Tettemer + Partners.  Not to mention, plenty students have started companies of their own ranging from digital agencies to startups.
  7. PhilaU has the best mix of programs for web designer.
    Interactive designers work with business, technology, graphic design, engineers, and industrial designers every day. We have all these high-tech programs, from health sciences to engineering, on a small campus where everyone knows each other, and you'll work with them while you're here. Then our Blackstone Launchpad Entrepreneurial Center can help you turn a great interdisciplinary idea into a new company.
  8. You'll understand how it all fits together.
    Our signature DEC Innovation Core Curriculum shows you how to understand and use the close relationships between design, engineering, business, sciences and the humanities.
  9. Our Industry Engagement Projects give the experience of internships and co-ops.
    Our industry projects put you to work with top companies on real problems: like working with top tech strategists at Verizon. Our faculty give you expert support as you engage with world-class corporations and social impact initiatives. And you don't have to make the coffee.
  10. ____________________________.
    (This one's up to you. It could the name of the next great iOS app or a product you envision for the future. Students receive grant funding for senior projects they define themselves.)

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