The Learning & Advising Center is the comprehensive source of academic assistance at the University.

Professional writing tutoring is available to all Philadelphia University students who wish to improve their performance as writers across the curriculum. Students work one-on-one or in small groups. The writing tutors also offer workshops to instructors who assign writing in their courses.

Students wishing to take advantage of tutoring services should stop by the Learning and Advising Center, located in Haggar Hall, or call 215-951-2799.  Writing resources are available on the Center's website

Writing assistance is available at all stages of the writing process, from help with organizing ideas and getting started on papers, to revising final drafts.

Specialized help is also available for writing research papers and for problems with documenting sources, grammar, and punctuation.

Students speaking English as a second language (ESL) can receive specialized, professional help in writing.  For more information on support for ESL students, contact Nancy Sorkin, Lead Professional Writing Tutor, at  

For more information on writing tutoring, contact Nancy Sorkin, Lead Professional Writing Tutor, at

You can also visit the Center's website at